PSY shares his toughts about BTS and BLACKPINK PSY shares his toughts about BTS and BLACKPINK

PSY praises BTS and BLACKPINK for their global success, he admires both groups

BTS and BLACKPINK have achieved amazing and unimaginable success for many, what does PSY think about these K-Pop groups?

PSY had a great success in the world 10 years ago and knows how difficult it is to reach a general audience, which is why he praises BTS and BLACKPINK who have worked hard in music to achieve the great global success they have now.

In 2012 PSY literally had the whole world dancing with his song 'Gangnam Style'. This was one of the first K-Pop tracks to break records on YouTube and become hugely popular almost everywhere in the world. This hit was played on all radio stations and had millions and millions of views.

After this huge success, PSY still drew attention with other songs and even collaborated with international stars. This soloist achieved a great push for Korean pop music since then. In 2013, BTS debuted, a group with dreams and goals just like many others and that today dominates the music industry internationally.

The great work and effort of Bangtan Sonyeondan has placed the group as one of the most popular and relevant in Korea and around the world. This is the same with BLACKPINK, although this girl group came to the world in 2016, but since they stepped on the stage, they stole all the attention in the world.

So what does PSY think about BTS and BLACKPINK? There is a lot that the singer says about both groups and how their work is very different from his.

What does PSY think of BTS and BLACKPINK? The singer praises the work of both K-Pop groups

PSY thinks that BLACKPINK and BTS are somewhat opposite to him, not because they don't work as hard as the singer does, but because their music has a bigger purpose. He confesses that he does not seek to promote national prestige with his songs, while BP and Bangtan do. His songs seek to have a long stay in the public and not just hit with a single track.

This is what PSY thinks about BLACKPINK and BTS | Twitter: @kkukstudio

PSY is proud of the new generations, as he calls them, BTS and BLACKPINK have achieved great things that really bring joy to the entire nation in which both K-Pop groups emerged.

PSY also confesses that BTS achieved one of his own dreams

BTS has managed to reach #1 on the Billboard music charts on several occasions, this was something that PSY wanted to achieve and did not achieve. This is why Bangtan achieved a dream that the soloist had as 'not finished'. But he remembers congratulating them on this great record that he dreamed of.

BTS have achieved a personal unfinished dream of mine, and I remember sending them a big round of applause with my whole body

BTS achieved a record unfinished for PSY | Twitter: @myglosshy

 PSY acknowledges that there is mutual admiration and respect between BTS and him, that he is even a friend of the idols and that they have thanked him for inspiring them more and being part of what they are today.

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