Suga and PSY are ready for That That Suga and PSY are ready for That That

PSY and Suga excite us for That That with a new teaser, how will this song be like?

Producer Suga worked on a song with PSY and 'That That' will be a great comeback for this worldwide singer

Suga and PSY worked together for the first time in a new song that we are all expecting for, 'That That' will be simply amazing and this new teaser proves it.

Suga is not only a talented singer and rapper, this BTS member is also so good at writing, composing and producing songs. He won't only work with Bangtan's songs and his own mixtapes, he has worked before with some other artists like IU, for example.

So, Min Yoongi has a great career as a producer too, and it makes him have more and new collaboratiions with more stars, mostly Korean singers but he has also worked with a Japanese singer. The songs which Suga produces have all the support from ARMY

On the other hand we have PSY a famose singer who became a worldwide trend with his 'Gangnam Style', this song was everywhere and we couldn't stop listening to this popular song. After his success he kept having more songs and supporting local artists in Korea too.

Now, PSY is ready for a comeback and he wanted Suga to be on it, so Producer Suga worked along with this singer for 'That That' and they excite us with this new teaser full of fun.

PSY releases a new teaser for That That, this song produced and featuring BTS' Suga will be a huge hit

On the new 'That That' teaser, PSY annouces his 2022 comeback, and we hear a little bit of this song, it seems like it'll have a sticky chrous which we all will love, and this will be a song to dance, so get ready for another huge hit from PSY which is produced and featuring Suga.

 We can't wait for this song to come out, we're sure it's going to turn into one of the favorite ones of the public, yaay! Another hit to dance to.

When will That That by PSY and producer Suga come out?

'That That' will be released on April 29, 2022 at 6 PM KST, we're only a couple days away from this great premiere and we can't wait anymore, ARMY will support this new song since Suga worked really hard on this one and we're sure everyone is going to love it.

That That will come out soon | Twitter: @psy_oppa

Let's wait a little bit more for Suga and PSY's 'That That', it will be great, we know that! And ARMY will stream this new song for sure.

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