BTS' Suga and PSY BTS' Suga and PSY

PSY & BTS' Suga got their first win with 'That That' on Show Champion

The awesome collaboration between BTS' Suga and PSY is already conquering the music shows. "That That" got the trophy of the week in Show Champion.

The legendary singer PSY went back to the scenarios with the perfect phrase to introduce himself: "2022. PSY coming back. Long time no see, huh?"

These are the first words of "That That". When PSY revealed that he was working on new music everybody already knew that it would be a hit. The singer of "Gentlemen" is well known for his ability to create super cheerful songs.

In order to have a more impressive comeback, this time he decided to join forces with another monster of the industry: Suga from BTS. In this collaboration we can listen to the cool rap of the Idol and to his great production.

PSY and Suga from BTS / By @vminiecats

The fans of both artists all over the world are really happy with the song. It is such a massive hit. Finally it is taking the first win on music shows.

"That That" collab of PSY and SUGA get its first trophy on music shows

On May 11 (KST) the latest episode of the Korean music show Show Champion was released. The nominees to get the trophy of the week were CLASS:y, LE SSERAFIM, Lim Young Woong, Moonbyul from MAMAMOO and PSY with BTS' Suga.

'That That' first win / By @btsargento

Nobody is surprise to see "That That" as the winner song of the week. Since its release it has been a whole global success.

At the moment, after less than two weeks, the hilarious music video has more than 130 million views and almost 7 million likes on Youtube. It is still on the global trends of this platform.

Suga talking about 'That That' / By @vminiecats

Previously both artists revealed how good their chemistry is and the effort they put into producing this song. Apparently the hard work of PSY and Suga for the collab is getting paid back.

Congratulations to Suga and PSY!

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