What is it that TWICE is not so good at? What is it that TWICE is not so good at?

ONCE finds something that TWICE members are not so good at, what is it?

ONCE really loves TWICE just the way it is but the fandom also recognizes that there is something that idols could improve on

TWICE does many things for their fans, not only music and performances, but perhaps not everything idols can stand out and ONCE has discovered it.

TWICE is a very popular K-Pop group, full of talented artists in music and dance. Each of the idols in this girl group brings great joy to the fans and they are dedicated to showing their great love, affection and support for the girls that make up this band.

ONCE is one of the largest fandoms in the world, TWICE fans spread all over the world and surely there is no corner where we cannot find someone who knows and admires this idol group and its members who have completely conquered to much of the public.

There is a lot to admire about the TWICE artists, their musical gifts are a main reason, but so are their personalities and charisma. Even in their hobbies and hidden talents we can see more of them that ends up dazzling all the people who can see them.

But nothing is perfect in this world and maybe there is something that TWICE idols don't excel at, ONCE declared something that their idols could improve on, what do you think about this?

ONCE finds out that TWICE members are not that good at doing TikToks, what is the reason for this?

TikTok, maybe there are still many people who don't know exactly how this platform works, what will go viral? What will be the next trend? But many K-Pop groups including TWICE have released their videos on the platform. Although there are some that fans may not like so much, OMG.

On Twitter ONCE confessed that for their fans, TWICE does everything well, except TikToks, maybe idols aren't that good at making these videos.

ONCE can't stand TWICE's TikToks | Twitter: @euphoricmomo

Well, at least it looks like the TWICE members had fun while filming this TikTok as weird as it is.


But TWICE can do TikTok trends perfectly

Perhaps for original content, the TWICE members are not that good, but we cannot deny that they can repeat TikTok dances and trends very well and they showed it a year ago with their dynamic in this YouTube video.

How about? Do you think TWICE should imitate some other newer TikTok trends? It would surely be fun to see idols with new trends on this platform.

Keep reading more about TWICE and its members, like Mina, we have som fun facts about her, get to know this idol better! 

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