Jeonghan rocking his slings at SEVENTEEN concert Jeonghan rocking his slings at SEVENTEEN concert

Nothing stopped Jeonghan at SEVENTEEN's concert and he had his arm slings in style

Even though Jeonghan is recovering from elbow surgery, nothing stopped him from giving his best at SEVENTEEN's first concert

SEVENTEEN's Jeonghan is recovering from his elbow surgery but it didn't stop him from giving it his all at the first concert of the 'Be The Sun' tour, he wore his cast with lots of styles.

Finally, after two years and four months of waiting... SEVENTEEN was able to hold live concerts again, yaay! The idol group performed at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, South Korea to finally see their beloved CARATs again. The concert was full of surprises for the fans and was also extremely fun.

SVT performed live for the first time some songs from their latest album 'Face The Sun'. We heard 'HOT', 'March' and 'Shadow', for example. The setlist could not miss classics like 'Mansae' or 'Aju Nice', it was a great event, not only for K-CARAT, but also for fans from all over the world who were able to watch the live broadcast.

All the members of the idol group gave their best for this concert, SEVENTEEN gave a truly spectacular show that many fans are already dying to see live now that with 'Be The Sun', SVT will come to US, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Japan and more. And while we love all the idols in the group, we have to single out Jeonghan.

Even though Jeonghan's arm is in a cast, nothing stopped him from putting on an amazing show for CARAT. He had a lot of participation in the concert with SEVENTEEN and also gave a special style to each sling he wore.

Despite his cast, Jeonghan stylishly rocked each of his slings at SEVENTEEN's concert

Even though Yoon Jeonghan has his arm in a cast and is recovering from elbow surgery, he gave his all at the concert. The funniest thing is that she had a special sling for each concert outfit, everyone matched her clothes and it was simply sensational. Nothing really stopped him from working and having fun with CARAT.

Jeonghan and his slings in SEVENTEEN's concert | Twitter: @miwon17_

Jeonghan is so cute, every time he came out with a new outfit, the sling also surprised us, it was great, I think it's something very Jeonghan, no one else would have done it like him.

Jeonghan even took his arm out of the sling to dance at SEVENTEEN's concert

In the encore with 'Snapshoot', the other members of SEVENTEEN told Jeonghan that it was time for his impromptu dance and of course he did, took off his sling and started dancing. OMG. CARAT was worried about him, a banner read 'Don't use your arm so much, Jeonghan', awww! 

It seems that Hannie was having so much fun that he completely forgot to be careful with his arm, he even carried his classic little sword which CARAT loves, gosh! It's so cute T-T.

Jeonghan flexing his sword | Twitter: @wonubliss

 We hope Jeonghan is taking good care of his arm now, there is still one more SEVENTEEN concert to go in Seoul where we will surely see him as full of energy as today wanting to have a lot of fun with his members and CARAT.

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