Aespa's Ning Ning surprises fans wearing a provocative outfit!

Aespa's Ning Ning surprises fans wearing a provocative outfit!

It was clear to us that the Aespa girls were beautiful and very talented but their last performance at the KBS Song Festival made it clear that the "Black Mamba" singers have an impeccable and innovative style. Chinese member Ning Ning's outfit on the event's red carpet left everyone with a droopy jaw. Scroll down to see it!  

  • Aespa surprised fans of the K-pop genre when it was announced as part of the lineup for the 48th edition of the KBS song festival.
  • This massive show has been held in Korea since 1965 but was stopped between 2006 and 2013.
  • December 18th was the appointment to see the most relevant bands in the K-pop scene perform live, this time without an audience due to the coviD-19 pandemic.
  • In fact, the boys of the group Seventeen could not be present at the festival despite being announced because their coronavirus tests did not arrive in time for the concert.
Aespa in neon outfits.

Who we did get to see on the red carpet and on stage was the new girls from SM Entertainment.

Karina, Winter, Giselle and Ning Ning showed up in an outfit that they don't usually wear.

We normally see them with casual or stage customized outfits.

On this occasion we could see each Aespa member's personality reflected in their styling.

The one that attracted the most attention was Chinese member Ning Ning.

Aespa's outfits for KBS Song Festival's red carpet.

The 18-year-old singer appeared in a set of black and white pants and top. The top part was incredible.

A stylish short white top with a long front tailpiece that left fans of the band speechless.

Ning Ning wore her hair in a ponytail that left her beautiful face clear.

Ning Ning at the KBS Song Festival 2020.

We have already said before that Níng Yìzhuō is the most stylish of Aespa, you can check her best looks in this article.

Beyond the visuals that the recently released idols left on the red carpet, the performance of "Black Mamba" at the song festival proves that Aespa has come to stay and that we cannot expect more than success from these 4 talented girls.

Check out their full performance below!

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