NewJeans is dominating this new era NewJeans is dominating this new era

NewJeans is in the top of rookie groups of 2022 with this new record on Spotify

HYBE launched NewJeans, a new girl group that is already reigning among the rookie groups of 2022 with this record on Spotify

NewyJeans has surprised many fans who have quickly become their fans, the girl group achieved a great record and is crowned as one of the best rookies in 2022 so far.

We know that all K-Pop agencies keep working to innovate and continue to show the best for all fans of this musical genre.  This is why every year we have debuts of new girl groups and boy bands to enjoy.  Just a few days ago we saw the birth of a new girl band.

This is NewJeans, a new HYBE group that is made up of 5 talented girls who had their due time as trainees.  They are very young but they are full of talent and their dedication to singing, rapping and dancing shows.  His first title track was 'Cookie', a song we found on his debut album 'New Jeans'.

Besides 'Cookie', we also had 'Attention' or 'Hype Boy' which have also become very relevant songs since the release of the full NewJeans album. These girls are here to take over the industry and make it big with all their talent and great musical skills. Further growth of this girl group is expected in the future.

And right now they are already reigning among the rookie groups of 2022, since they achieved a great record on Spotify that places them at the top, what is their new achievement?

NewJeans set a new record on Spotify with their debut, they're the best rookies of 2022

NewJeans reached around 2.06 million streams on their debut album 'New Jeans' on the day of its release, 226 thousand cumulative listeners and a total of 88 thousand followers on Spotify. These are 3 records for this new girl group as they are the highest numbers for rookie groups that debuted in 2022. This is how they rise to the top and start reigning in this new generation.

These records are really amazing and it seems that NewJeans is really stealing all the attention, we are sure that their fandom will be one of the biggest in the future. 

NewJeans also managed to break records in physical sales

In addition, the physical sales of NewJeans were also amazing, we were really surprised by their figures in the KTown4U store, one of the most used by K-Pop fans both in Korea and around the world. In this store they achieved these 3 records as well:


So it seems that NewJeans is a new big promise for K-Pop, we love to see them succeed so quickly, they are amazing.

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