NewJeans is a new HYBE girl group NewJeans is a new HYBE girl group

NewJeans had their grand debut, get to know everything about this new HYBE girl group

HYBE just launched a new K-Pop girl group, it's about NewJeans who are conquering fans with 'Cookie'

K-Pop fans have a new girl group to love, NewJeans is the new band from HYBE that you will really love, this rookie group has everything to conquer the world and they prove it with 'Cookie'.

All K-Pop agencies work hard to release new songs and new groups. There are countless companies that work with talent in Korea, although there are some that stand out for the great popularity of their artists and for actually acquiring other companies to have them under their ranks.

HYBE is one of those agencies, previously it was rather BigHit Entertainment, the company that debuted BTS and that thanks to the success of this boy band grew considerably and evolved. So now she owns many other companies and also collaborates with some independents to get more talent.

We can highlight HYBE for other idol groups as well as ENHYPEN or TXT. The truth is that previously this company did not take risks with girl groups due to a bad experience before. But since LE SSERAFIM they started debuting more girls into idol groups.

This time, HYBE debuted NewJeans, a new girl group that is already drawing the world's attention with their debut, get to know them better here, where we have everything about their first song and the girls in it.

NewJeans debuts with Cookie, a lot of fans welcome HYBE's new girl group

NewJeans is a new K-Pop girl group debuted under ADOR, a sub-label of HYBE. It is a band of 5 young girls who have been preparing as trainees for some time now. Today they surprise us with their great debut, 'Cookie' is the song with which they are already conquering their fans thanks to their great style and talents.

What did you think of this new song? NewJeans has very talented girls, their voices are quite good and it seems that as rappers they also have great potential, we loved the flow and style of 'Cookie'.

Who are the members of NewJeans? Meet these new idols

Learn more about the new idols of NewJeans, they are very young, their maknae is only 14 years old, OMG. Among the ranks of this girl group we find Korean girls, a girl from Australia and another from Vietnam. Here we have their names, birthdays and places of birth so you can get to know them better.

NewJeans | Twitter: @kpopggsuperior

 We know that NewJeans are already at the top of charts like MelOn and FLO, so we are sure that these new idols will have a lot of success and continue to grow a lot.

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