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New dates for STRAY KIDS tour 'MANIAC' in North America

The STRAY KIDS North America tour is a big deal right now. After the sold out for all the concerts, the members revealed new dates.

A few days ago JYP Entertainment revealed STRAY KIDS will be back in scenarios with their tour MANIAC. The first city of course it's Seoul, Korea. The tickets were sold in a few hours. Eventually the agency added extra sittings.

The madness continues for their tour in North America. The singers of "Thunderous" sold out tickets for 7 cities in just one day. Well, we have good new for STAY, the group is performing for 2 more dates. Do You want to know for what cities?

STRAY KIDS members / By @Stray_Kids

STRAY KIDS added dates to their North America tour

On April 22 the ticket sale for the STRAY KIDS tour MANIAC was opened. The Korean group will be performing in Newark, Chicago, Atlanta, Fort Worth, Los Angeles, Oakland and Seattle. The shows reportedly sold out in less than a day.

In just a few hours two more dates were revealed. The members will offer another concert in Newark on June 28. Los Angeles also has an extra date on July 10.

'MANIAC' tour poster / By @Stray_Kids

The official Twitter account of the group dropped a poster with all the information. The sale for these new dates will be open on April 25 at 3PM local time.

Because of the big demand for the initial sale the fans were reporting in social media tons of resellers who are inflating the prices 10 times the than the original. Read more about it here.

What do you think? STAY, are you attending the concerts?

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