Nayeon promotes her solo debut with TWICE members Nayeon promotes her solo debut with TWICE members

Nayeon won't be promoting her solo debut alone, TWICE members will be with her

TWICE's Nayeon's debut as a solo artist is coming soon, and her groupmates won't leave her alone in her promotions

TWICE's Momo and Chaeyoung accompany Nayeon in her debut solo promotions, they won't leave her alone with 'Im Nayeon'.

TWICE is a simply amazing group, 9 aidols combine their talents in this girl group to give the best of themselves for ONCE, the faithful fandom that is in charge of giving them all their love and support at all times. Among the members of this group we find Nayeon.

Nayeon has always shined as a singer and dancer for TWICE. She is one of the most beloved idols of hers thanks also to her beautiful personality and sparkling charisma of hers. Very soon, this artist will have her solo debut. 'Im Nayeon' will be her debut mini album with which she will surely surprise every fan.

With different teasers and previews, Nayeon has been making us excited for her debut solo. This will be the first time for TWICE to have a solo artist and ONCE has everything ready to support her. In fact, she already has a lot of support as her physical album is sweeping pre-order sales.

And Nayeon will not have to promote alone in her solo debut, LOL, as her fellow TWICE members will keep her company and here we have the proof of it.

TWICE's Momo and Chaeyoung accompany Nayeon promoting her solo debut like this

Nayeon, Momo and Chaeyoung will be appearing on variety show 'Amazing Saturday', the three TWICE idols will be there to promote Nayeon's solo debut. LOL, in a preview clip of the show we can see how the 3 girls dance to the rhythm of Nayeon's new song, so they definitely won't leave her alone in her promotions.

Nayeon's promotions with 'Im Nayeon' are going to be very fun, we will surely see more of the TWICE members showing their support during this new stage for the idol

When will Nayeon release her solo album Im Nayeon?

The release date of 'Im Nayeon' is next June 24, 2022. We are more than ready to listen to all the songs that this TWICE idol has prepared for the world, there will also be Nayeon's performances that are already being announced, such as at Inkigayo. What a thrill!

Do you have everything ready for Nayeon's solo debut? We already want to hear it, we just have to wait a few more days for the premiere of this great album.

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