Nayeon is the queen of Spotify Nayeon is the queen of Spotify

Nayeon breaks new record on Spotify with her solo debut and is placed in the best of 2022

TWICE's Nayeon's 'Im Nayeon' continues to be a hit and has placed it as the best of 2022 with this new record on Spotify

Nayeon's debut as a solo artist has enchanted us and fans do not stop listening to it on digital platforms, which is why the singer now has a new record on Spotify that places her among the best of 2022.

TWICE idols are extremely talented, among them we find Nayeon who has always shone with her work in the girl group. Nayeon has always given a special touch to each song and performance of this idol group, her skills as a singer and dancer are undeniable.

But in addition, Nayeon has also shown her solo talents, for TWICE's Melody Projects, she had released covers and so on individually. So we knew that even as a solo artist, she would shine her best. And in fact, she is doing it, she just a few days ago 'Im Nayeon' came to the world.

This was Nayeon's solo debut, we found her title track 'POP!' which we really loved, with a catchy rhythm, great lyrics and also, in addition to having other songs like 'No Problem', in collaboration with Felix from STRAY KID, or 'All Or Nothing' which was written by the Nayeon.

Now, Nayeon and 'Im Nayeon' are placed among the best of 2022 with a new record on Spotify that the idol achieved. Thanks to all her fans who don't stop listening to her solo debut album.

Nayeon holds the record for the biggest debut in 2022 in her first week on Spotify with Im Nayeon

With 23.6 million streams on Spotify in the first week, Nayeon's 'Im Nayeon' became the album released in 2022 by a K-Pop female artist with the biggest number of streams in the first week of release. She is the number one as a female artist on this platform and this year.

Im Nayeon is a big success in Spotify | Twitter: @UPDATE_TW9

Nayeon is imminently succeeding with her solo debut, we are very happy with the results and so on, she is really talented and deserves all the credit.

Nayeon is also one of the most streamed JYP artists on Spotify

Nayeon is also among JYP Entertainment artists with the most streams on Spotify in the month of June, among others like STRAY KIDS, TWICE, and NMIXX. As we know there is a lot of talent in the industry and these other idol groups definitely have a lot of supportive fans on the stream as well.

Nayeon rules on Spotify | Twitter: @TWICEDATA_

So keep listening to Nayeon on Spotify, she has great songs from 'Im Nayeon' that we've really loved, she's an amazing artist.

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