Apink for 'Horn' Apink for 'Horn'

Naeun leaves A Pink and this is the reason why

Naeun has revealed her departure from Apink. We tell you all about the story behind her decision.

Just a few days ago the Apink fans received an unfortunate announcement: Son Naeun decided to leave the iconic K-Pop girl-band. For Panda it wasn’t a surprise. Because of the previous situation between Naeun and Apink’s company the fans were suspicious about it.

The now former member and the leader of the band are sharing their thoughts and feelings to the public. Here are all the details behind Naeun's decision.

Former Apink member Naeun / By @Luhanex30

Naeun leaving Apink to be an actress

On April 8 it was revealed Naeun will leave Apink. She was the only member working under another agency. While the rest of the girls renewed their contract with IST Entertainment last year, Naun signed with YG Entertainment as an actress.

For the latest Apink album "Horn", Naeun participated in the recording but didn’t attend for any kind of promotion or performance of the title single "Dilema". This is what the leader of the band Chorong has to say about this topic:

Although our Pandas must be so sad, I hope that you will watch over our new start. While promoting as five members this time, it was also very difficult for us mentally, and we worked really hard in case Pandas noticed an empty space. In the future, I think we will have to work even harder. 

Chorong letter / Instagram @official.apink2011

The letter posted by Chorong on April 9 is full with apologies from the leader. She is explaining the decision was made after thinking about what is the best for all of them. Finally she encourages everyone revealing Apink music will drop pretty soon.

IST Entertainment released a statement announcing Apink promotions for their 11th anniversary special song will take place with the five members Park Chorong, Yoon Bomi, Jung Eunji, Kim Namjoo and Oh Hayoung.

At the same time, Naeun said it wasn’t an easy decision for her. On her Instagram personal account she shared her gatitud with the Apink members and the IST staff.

I plan to become a Panda and cheer on Apink starting from now on.

Naeun's letter / Instagram @marcellasne_

Panda, tell us, how are you feeling? Are you cheering for Naeun's acting career?

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