NMIXX unveils new teaser of its debut song "O.O". NMIXX unveils new teaser of its debut song "O.O".

NMIXX shows a mysterious concept in new teaser of their debut song 'O.O'

NMIXX is very close to its debut and has already released a new teaser, have you seen it?

The new girl group JYP Entertainmet is getting closer and closer to their debut, as they have been giving clues about their new song and of course presenting their concept to the public with a series of videos that have given us a glimpse of what this new "universe" that will join the world of K-pop is all about.

Although this is a completely new group, they already have many fans, as there are even fan accounts available on Twitter where they publish curiosities about this new group, even though they have not yet debuted.

twitter @asiangirls_esp / NMIXX to debut this February 22

Being a group formed by JYP Entertainment there is a lot of expectation from the public, as very good groups have come out of the prestigious entertainment agency, such as TWICE, ITZY, STRAY KIDS, Day 6 and others.

Now NMIXX is a promising group, although we still don't know much about the girl group, the few details that have been revealed make the fans very excited to see them debut very soon. 

NMIXX reveals a preview of their new song 

The name of NMIXX's debut song will be "O.O", this was confirmed through a promotional poster that JYP uploaded on their official account, where they announced the tracks that will make up their debut album called "AD MARE". They also posted a video promoting their new album.

Jiini, Kyujin, Sullyoon, Bae, Jiwwi, Lily and Haewon will make their debut on the 22nd of this month at 6:00pm (KST) and 4:00AM (EST) so it won't be long until we can finally hear their voices.

Finally today, the trailer for their long awaited single "O.O" has been revealed. The video lasts only 47 seconds, where you can see the members dancing a small fragment and is recorded in a mysterious atmosphere. What will it be about? We can only wait for NMIXX to officially make their debut to add this new group to our playlist.

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