Taeyong from NCT has a new YouTube channel Taeyong from NCT has a new YouTube channel

NCT's Taeyong introduces TY TRACK, his new YouTube channel

Taeyong from NCT has now his personal YouTube channel, on 'TY Track' he will share much more of himself with NCTzen through this platform

Taeyong has welcomed the world to his new YouTube channel, this NCT member decided to share more of himself on the platform with his personal channel that will be full of new content.

NCT is a great K-Pop group, full of the talent of its members who, being a total of 23, usually divide into subunits to see them shine better with a smaller group. Among the idols of this boy band we can find Lee Taeyong, a dedicated boy passionate about music who is part of this group.

Taeyong leads one of the Neo Culture Technology subunits, took a fundamental part of NCT 127 and has delighted millions of fans with his talent together with the other members of this K-Pop group team. Ever since she was a trainee, Tae had to work very hard, as the dance was the hardest thing for her to learn.

But Taeyong's effort, work and discipline were totally worth it and today he stands out in the studio and on stage with each of his talents and abilities. There is nothing this idol can't do well. Furthermore, he also has a beautiful personality that NCTzen loves, he has taken time to share with his fans through social media and streaming live.

And this time, Taeyong will be able to share much more content with NCTzen, the leader of NCT 127 has opened his own YouTube channel and gave his little introduction to this new moment in his career.

NCT's Taeyong has a new YouTube channel, what kind of content will he upload to TY TRACK?

TY TRACK is the new channel on YouTube of Taeyong from NCT, the idol shared his first video where he shows what we can expect from this new channel where he will upload a lot of content, vlogs, some moments of his daily life, his work, in the studio of dance and its performances. This is how he himself presents his new space on this platform.

Taeyong hopes that fans enjoy his YouTube channel, he also says that this is his first time doing this, so he is excited and a little nervous, but he will surely let us know him better with each of his vlogs.

 Does NCT's Taeyong use another social network?

Another social network where you can follow NCT's Taeyong is Instagram, his username is @taeoxo_nct. This is his personal profile where he usually uploads many photos and stories for his fans, there is much you can see through this IG account of the idol of Neo Culture Technology.

Follow Taeyong on Instagram | Instagram: @taeoxo_nct

Now NCTzen will have much more content from NCT's Taeyong, the idol will prepare many videos for his fans and will show us his different facets as an artist.

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