Jaehyun from NCT Jaehyun from NCT

NCT's Jaehyun steals the spotlight at the Prada Fashion Week Show in Milan

Jaehyun of NCT and Song Kang were the hottest guests at the Prada fashion show in Milan. These handsome celebrities are rocking the Fashion Week 2022.

K-Pop artists are gorgeous. As you may know, in Korea beauty standards are a hot topic. The beauty culture of the country is unbelievable. Despite being a big pressure on people, the whole world is thankful for the beautiful and talented Idols that work hard on their music.

That's why the label put too much attention on the visuals of their artists. One of the most famous agencies, SM Entertainment, is well known for casting gorgeous celebrities. Yes, the house of NCT.

NCT's Jaehyun wearing Prada / Twitter @PinkieKoii

The good-looking members of the group work in collaboration with some luxury brands. Jaehyun got the title "Human Prada"  because of his sophisticated aura. He attended the Prada show in Milan to make the Internet crazy. We are telling you the reason.

NCT's Jaehyun and Song Kang look stunning at the Prada Show 2022 in Milan

On June 19th was held the Prada Fashion Show in Milan. As an ambassador of the exclusive brand, Jaehyun of NCT was a special guest at the event. Outside, there was a huge crowd waiting to see the Idol.

NCT's Jaehyun in Milan / Twitter @JJHLOOKS

Jaehyun photos are driving social media crazy. He was wearing a head-to-toe black outfit. With light makeup and various chains the singer of "Kick it" looked very elegant and youthful at the same time. 

NCT's Jaehyun and Song Kang / Twitter @JJHLOOKS

During the event, the Idol had a good time in the company of the popular actor Song Kang. He wore a gray suit that makes him look even more handsome. The duet was shining like never before and stealing the spotlight.

Jaehyun, Song Kang and Metawin at the Prada Fashion Show / Twitter @CloutNewsMedia

That's not all, they also took some pictures with the Thai actor Metawin Opas. This event gave us the best interactions. Is almost impossible to say who looked the best. What was your favorite outfit for the event?

Did you know that NCT is the largest K-Pop group? We are telling you who else is on the list.

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