NCT will get new members NCT will get new members

NCT to get new members as SM Entertainment holds Welcome To The NeoCiTy audition

SM Entertainment to be looking for new NCT members with 'Welcome To The NeoCiTy', a new global audition

How come NCT needs more members? Well, SM Entertainment is looking for new talents for this K-Pop group and will hold the 'Welcome To NeoCiTy' audition.

NCT is a group cataloged as the group of the future, it has more than 20 members, the idol group started with 23 but a couple of them are on hiatus due to various situations. Although all the idols have acted together, it is more common to see them divided into subunits where their talents are much more reflected.

NCT 127, NCT U, NCT Dream and WayV are some of the subunits created by members of Neo Culture Technology. All of these have had great success, and even some of them are already million sellers, carrying the name of the entire group on high. There are fans of this idol group all over the world.

NCTzen is the great fandom that is in charge of showing all its love and support for NCT that has more and more surprises for the world. It is one of the most relevant boy bands for their agency SM Entertainment that has revealed new plans for this idol group with a new audition.

Through 'Welcome To The NeoCiTy', SM will be looking for new talents to join NCT, how many new members will the idol group have? Will new subunits be created?

Welcome To NeoCiTy is SM Entertainment's new global audition to get more members for NCT

Through its official social networks, SM Entertainment has announced 'Welcome To NeoCiTy', a global audition that will be held for people living in the USA, Canada, Korea, Japan, China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand. Only boys born between 2001 and 2008 with said nationalities can participate in this audition.

Welcome To NeoCity | Twitter: @smaudition_jp

So soon SM Entertainment will have new trainees who will become idols. The first step is a Google form and surely after the selection, SM will contact the best candidates for a second round. This process will take time.

How many new members will NCT have?

As the auditions are just starting their process, the truth is that it is not known how many new members NCT will have, although it could be 7 maybe, it seems a good number for a new subunit, don't you think? We'll see how this whole process unfolds and who will join the idol group.


Well, we'll see in the future what will happen with these SM Entertainment plans, the truth is that nobody expected that they wanted more members for NCT.

Keep reading more about your favorite idols, did you know that some of them wore braces? Even a NCT member had to wear them.

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