NCT 2022 coming soon NCT 2022 coming soon

NCT might have a full group comeback sooner than we thought

For the second half of the year, NCT is expected to have a new comeback as a full group

2 NCT subunits will have comebacks soon, but so will the full group and it's expected to take less than we thought. When will NCT have a comeback as a whole?

NCT is a great K-Pop group and not only because they have talented idols among their ranks, but also because of their number. A total of 23 boys debuted as the full group. From this stem various subunits that have worked hard to bring home wins and more.

Among the subunits of Neo Culture Technology, we have NCT 127, NCT Dream, NCT U, WayV where the members of the whole group are divided and work together. It's hard to have a full 23-member comeback but it's also something the idol group has done every year.

When NCT has a comeback with a full group, the year in which they are all grouped is added. NCT 2020 and NCT 2021 brought a lot of happiness for NCTzen who enjoyed all the active band members at the time. 'Universe' was NCT's last full comeback.

And it was known that NCT 2022 would come, as every year NCT's comeback with its full lineup would take the stages and it could be sooner than we thought.

NCT 2022 will get here sooner than we expected, full group comeback coming soon

According to K-Media, NCT will have a full group comeback soon. It will be about NCT 2022, the gathering of all the members of the idol group in their lineup to release new music. According to the information, this was expected in the second half of 2022 after NCT 127's comeback.

NCT 2022 comeback coming soon | Twitter: @silver_latte

Are you ready for this new NCT's comeback? We're sure it's gonna be great, all of its members are going to be together once again.

NCTzen is not too happy that NCT's comeback comes after NCT 127's

NCTzen believes that NCT 127 isn't given a full promotion when NCT has their comeback after their subunit comeback, so they don't really like it once again being arranged like this. NCT 127 has been giving out spoilers for their upcoming comeback and fans seem pretty excited about it.

NCT 127 talked about their comeback during their anniversary | Twitter: @jeongyunonly

Well, we'll see how things end up going on, but NCTzen is also very excited about NCT's and its subunits' comebacks.

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