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'NCT SHOW in THE NCT UNIVERSE', This is the guide you need to enjoy it

NCT is a K-Pop group with various subunits. The boy group also owns variety shows, yes, more than one. This is the guide you need to enjoy their contents.

We know it's no easy to dive into the world of NCT. It is the group with the biggest ammount of members spread out in various subunits: NCT 127, NCT U, NCT DREAM and WayV. Since the distribution of the group is complicated, having all of them in just one show is almost impossible. 

Because of this reason their label SM Entertainment had the idea of offering multiple shows to the fans. This was the genesis of "NCT SHOW in THE NCT UNIVERSE '' a series where we can see the members in different situations having fun.

We have for you a list of these shows that you can enjoy in Youtube


At the beginning of 2022 the "NCT SHOW in THE NCT UNIVERSE" was announced to release the variety shows of the group. All of them are available on Youtube. We have for you the list of those that you can already enjoy and the upcoming ones.

Upcoming NCT SHOWs

This week the group will be releasing new episodes of their shows. This is the schedule

All of them are good options to watch in your free time, do you have a favorite?

Read everything you need to know about NCT.

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