STRAY KIDS tested positive for COVID-19 STRAY KIDS tested positive for COVID-19

More STRAY KIDS members diagnosed with COVID-19, they must stop activities

After STRAY KIDS' last comeback almost all of its members tested positive to COVID-19, what will happen to their promotions?

STAY is worried about STRAY KIDS members health condition, almost all of the members have tested positive for COVID-19 and have to focus on their recovery.

STRAY KIDS is one of the most popular K-Pop groups nowadays. This is possible thanks to the talent and skills of echa member of the idol group, they debuted as 9 members, but one of them left the band and since then, they've been 8 members who work together as the best team.

SKZ's popularity keeps growing since more fans are joining STAY every time, now it's one of the biggest fanbases within the music industry and in this comeback all the support of the fans for the idol group was once again demonstrated. STRAY KIDS just released 'ODDINARY', with its title track 'Maniac' they were already taking the stages of many Korean music shows.

'ODDINARY' already represents a big mark in SKZ's history, as it was the highest in both pre-orders and on its first day of release. This new group album was selling very well and the fandom was achieving the goals it had set for itself on various digital platforms.

But the success of STRAY KIDS in this comeback is being overshadowed, since its members are sick with COVID-19, what is happening with the group?

Almost all members of STRAY KIDS were diagnosed with COVID-19, this will happen with their comeback

The first member of STRAY KIDS to be diagnosed with COVID-19 was Changbin, the group's rapper began his quarantine, after JYP revealed that Han had also tested positive for the disease. Yesterday it was announced that Seungmin was also sick. And today, it has been announced that Bang Chan, Hyunjin and Lee Know tested positive for COVID-19 too.

Almost all of the members of SKZ tested positive for COVID-19 | Twitter: @billboardskz

There would only be two healthy members left, Felix and IN, so with this it would not be possible to continue with the promotions of 'ODDINARY' with 'Maniac', surely they will wait until all the members finish their quarantine and have recovered to continue working on his comeback.

STRAY KIDS recorded content to promote their comeback

STRAY KIDS appeared on 'Kiss The Radio' alongside BTOB's Minhyuk, this content had already been pre-recorded in order to promote their comeback. It was a pleasant program for STAY and Melody where the young idols shared a lot with their subaenim and had the necessary sanitary measures.

STRAY KIDS on Kiss The Radio | Twitter: @binchanb

Although STAY is sad to hear that their favorite artists are sick, the fandom has not stopped supporting the group in their new release and will also focus on sending best wishes to the idols who need more support during their quarantine and recovery.

Keep reading more about STRAY KIDS, we tell you everything about ODDINARY's new record, the comeback was a huge hit even since it wasn't released yet. 

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