Moon Bin and Moon Sua Moon Bin and Moon Sua

Moon Bin received full support from his sister Billlie's Moon Sua at this ASTRO concert

Did you know that ASTRO's Moonbin's sister is also an idol? Moon Sua is a member of billlie and shows her support for him

The talent runs through Moonbin's family because this ASTRO artist has a sister who is also an idol, it is Moon Sua from billlie who showed her support for him in one of the most recent concerts of his boy band.

ASTRO is an idol group filled with extremely talented and charismatic boys, their abilities and great personalities have combined perfectly to create this excellent K-Pop group that has thousands of fans around the world who show their great love and support.

Among the members of ASTRO we find Moon Bin who has served as a singer and dancer for his boy band. He is really talented and has a brilliant charisma that has also made him an excellent model, actor, and MC. So Bin is a multi-talented artist who shines with all the power of him on stage and other fields.

But Moonbin is not the only talented boy in his family, do you already know Moon Sua? She is his sister who is a member of the girl group billlie that debuted in 2021. The girls in this group have a unique style with which they have all shone and fans notice how much talent the Moon family is thanks to this pair of idol siblings.

And of course, Moon Sua sees in her older brother a great example to follow, she not only admires the ASTRO idol, but also gives him all her support and that's how Moon Bin received him at one of the most recent concerts of his group.

Billie's Moon Sua supported Moon Bin at an ASTRO concert with a food truck

Moon Bin showed off the food truck that his sister Moon Sua sent him at one of ASTRO's most recent concerts. Both idols posed in front of the vehicle loaded with delicious snacks and messages from the young idol to her older brother. This is how she showed her support for the ASTRO member.

ASTRO sunbaenim, I'm always supporting you! Fighting! - From BILLLIE's Moon Sua

Let's get along well in the future oppa (p.s. Mom did not make me do this)

Moon Bin and Moon Sua with the food truck | Twitter: @offclASTRO

What a cute pair of siblings! We love to see how much Moon Sua and Moon Bin support each other, this was a beautiful gesture from billlie's idol, don't you think?

 In her debut, Moon Sua confessed that she wanted to work on stage with her brother Moon Bin

Ever since her debut in 2021, Moon Sua said that she really wanted to share the stage with her older brother Moon Bin. Both are truly extremely talented and fans love to see how the skills of both artists shine on stage. We hope they will soon have a collaboration and be able to see them together.

The Moon siblings are the best, don't you think? We know very well that they have great support for each other and that they are both super talented. They are really great, we admire them a lot.

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