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Minzy talks about her experience with 2NE1 reunion at Coachella

2NE1 surprised everyone with an unexpected performance at Coachella. The youngest member Minzy shared her feelings after the event.

After more than six years the members of 2NE1 performed together at 2022 Coachella.  Just after the CL hit "Hello B*tches" the rest of the girls appeared in the scenario to make the audience crazy.

In 2016 the members decided to disband 2NE1, however their fans' expectations for a reunion never went away. Finally BLACKJACKs have the precious moment in their hands.

The youngest of the group, Minzy has revealed how the reunion was possible. This is what she said

Minzy at Coachella / By @jessicareviews_

2NE1's Minzy said everything about the reunion

On April 18 Minzy shared for an interview with StarNews the different emotions she felt at Coachella night. 

It was really nice and I Was excited to see so many different faces while performing at a big event with all the members.

According to Minzy, the group prepared the performance thinking about their fans and how happy they would be to see them together.

I was worried thinking they might have forgotten us. Anyways, they showed us so much support and interest so I'm very thankful.

2NE1 performing at Coachella / By @jessicareviews_

The Idol said the preparation began on CL's birthday. Back then the members talked about their personal lives and the performance while making "good memories".

In order to surprise the fans all the members kept the secret until the event. Minzy confessed how thankful she is with the public.

I think that this is another event that will be recorded in our lives. We will remain as one in everyone's heart and we will do our best for the fans who have been waiting for all four of us.

What do you think about it? Would you like to see more of the members together?

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