Which pricess would each MONSTA X member be? Which pricess would each MONSTA X member be?

Minhyuk reveals which fictional princess each MONSTA X member would be

Have you thought about what the members of MONSTA X would be like as princesses? It might sound a bit strange but Minhyuk easily related some of them to his groupmates

You don't need to take a quiz to find out which princess each MONSTA X member would be, as Minhyuk revealed it to MONBEBE's amusement.

MONSTA X is an amazing K-Pop group full of extremely talented members. They all have great skills in and out of music. In the studio they give their best and on stage they stand out with their great performances. There is much to admire about these idols.

In addition to being incredible artists, the members of MONSTA X also have great personalities and charisma, each one is different but this also makes them complement each other very well. Not only in songs and choreography, because they have all participated in various programs as hosts where their chemistry is better noticed.

MX has shared a lot of time together, from their time as trainees at Starship Entertainment, their participation in 'No.Mercy', and finally the long-awaited debut that everyone was dreaming of. Although MONSTA X debuted with 7 members, today there are only 6 left as the original lineup.

But without thinking about sad things, let's go to the fun, Minhyuk, vocalist and dancer of MONSTA X revealed which fictional princess each of the members of the group would be, do you imagine them as these characters?

Which fictional princess would the members of MONSTA X be? Minhyuk revealed it for MONBEBE

During one of MONSTA X's radio shows, Joohoney asked Minhyuk which princesses match best with the group members, and this was Minmin's answers.

MONSTA X members as princesses | Twitter: @FromZeroItalia

 Can you imagine the members of MONSTA X as these princesses? Maybe Minhyuk thought about the personality of each of the other members of her to relate them to one of these fantastic girls.

MONSTA X has a lot of fun on the Radio

MONSTA X has their exclusive radio show on the Universe app, where the members have the best radio adventures. Hyungwon and Joohoney are also MCs for Idol Radio, which is broadcast on the same app. While Kihyun and Changkyun are hosts on Midnight Idol. Minhyuk, meanwhile, is an amazing MC on VogueShip Show.

There is much to admire about MONSTA X idols on their radio shows and also many fun facts that we can hear like the one Minhyuk revealed, so don't miss them.

Keep reading more about MONSTA X, we tell you everything about its next comeback with 'Shape Of Love', a new mini album is coming. 

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