Mingyu would like to try this concept with SEVENTEEN Mingyu would like to try this concept with SEVENTEEN

Mingyu reveals what's the concept he'd like to try with SEVENTEEN during 2022

SEVENTEEN improves its concept with every comeback, but there's something that Mingyu still wants to try with his group

The creativeness and teamwork of SEVENTEEN is visible with every new comeback and release from the idol group, and its concepts are always good for the members, they fit them well, but there's something else that Mingyu would like to try during this year with his boy band.

With 13 members, it might be hard to work as a team inside SEVENTEEN, but the idol group has proven that the chemistry and organization of its members is just amazing and they created a perfect formula for them to show the best of each one of the idols in every song and performance.

SVT had its debut in 2015, it's been almost 7 years since the idol group took the stages for the first time and during all these years we've seen the group change, evolve and grow. Not only in number of fans, but also as artists and humans, CARAT loves to see every face of this band.

In every comeback, SEVENTEEN has a different concept, we've seen them have fun on stage, with some other mature concepts, sometimes they might look more serious, sexier. But every idol adds something special to their looks and outfits and that's what makes this group so unique.

SVT's members might have different ideas in every comeback and album, and Mingyu reveals his own ones, he'd like to try different concepts during 2022 with his boy band.

Mingyu wants to try a pure SEVENTEEN concept on this year

Kim Mingyu revealed that if he was asked to chose a theme for SEVENTEEN during this year, he'd like to convey the group's pure and current energy, he says he wants to show that SVT remains unchanged since its debut until now. It seems like he would love to talk more about the idol group's reality and those things that make the group so special.

Rather than talking about farewell and love period, I think its nice to talk about the pure energy that SEVENTEEN has

Mingyu and the concepts he'd like to try with SEVENTEEN | Twitter: @yamarie_sjsvt

Even if Mingyu is a part of Hip-Hop team and, therefore, he's an amazing rapper, it's true that he can capture the best of SEVENTEEN throgh his different ideas. Let's remember when he directed and edited the MV for 'Snap Shoot', and he also had the idea of making the Going Magazine. His creativeness and uniqueness make him and his bandmates shine constantly.

What's one of Mingyu's favorite concept?

Once, Mingyu revealed that the concept of 'Good To Me' from 'You Made My Dawn' is one of his favorite ones that SEVENTEEN has had, it's a pretty sexy song on stage, but it's also one that has an amazing rythimg and great lyrics. That's how the K-Pop group shows different phases through music and performances.

Have you ever imagined a different concept on SEVENTEEN? Is there any concept that the group hasn't tried yet? We know that they'll make an amazing job, it doesn't matter what is it all about, the music and dance will be on point and full of quality just as always.

Get to know more about SEVENTEEN and its idols, we tell you why this boy band needs three leaders, this his how the team works. 

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