Mingyu's great idea for SEVENTEEN's debut Mingyu's great idea for SEVENTEEN's debut

Mingyu had the best idea to promote SEVENTEEN in their debut, do you remember what he did?

There are those who say that SEVENTEEN is a self-produced group and Mingyu proved it since the group's debut with this great promotion idea

We know that Mingyu is a talented artist, but he is also very creative and has the best ideas, once during SEVENTEEN's debut he had a plan to promote the group, how did he do it?

SEVENTEEN is an amazing K-Pop group with extremely amazing members, all of whom have great talents and skills in the studio and on stage. We also know very well that all these idols have a great involvement in the creative process of creating their songs, albums, performances, concerts and more.

There are many reasons why fans call SVT a self-produced group, and we know that all of its members collaborate to bring the best to CARAT and also innovate and reinvent themselves. We can say that one of the most creative members of SEVENTEEN is Kim Mingyu.

And it is that Mingyu has a lot of talent, we know that he actually writes for SEVENTEEN as he has done in the songs of his sub-unit, the Hip-Hop Team, but he has also worked on songs like 'Heaven's Cloud' or 'Domino' where he has credits. And not only in music is he creative, he is also creative in art when he draws and drabbles.

Mingyu even created BongBong, SEVENTEEN's official mascot. And well, since the debut of the idol group, this member had a great idea in which he put all his creativity, like that time he had a plan to promote his boy band.

Mingyu had a plan to promote SEVENTEEN in their debut, he worked completely alone with this idea

At SEVENTEEN's debut, Mingyu created stickers to promote the group. He made them himself in an editing program and also printed them. He later took them for the mission and thought that each member would secretly paste 20 stickers in different places, so the information would reach many more people who could support or see them.

oh! A little Mingyu promoting his group for debut, it's been 7 years since this and we're sure Mingyu doesn't regret working hard for all of SEVENTEEN's success.

Mingyu is the designer of SEVENTEEN, for many years he has worked on different projects

As mentioned before, Mingyu has designed a lot of things for SEVENTEEN, we have BongBong, there is also the creation of 'Going Magazine' where he made a special font for the magazine. Mingoo also designed a version of BongBong for each member of SVT, and recently also did the graphic for the K-Pop group's 7th anniversary merch. 

Mingyu is SEVENTEEN's designer | Twitter: @jeonmanwon

We love Mingyu's creativity and great ideas, we hope that he will continue to give us his best for a longer time and always stand out with his talent and great skills, as well as his beautiful personality.

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