MONSTA X's most expensive photocards MONSTA X's most expensive photocards

MONSTA X's most difficult photocards to obtain on their US tour, how to get them?

For MONBEBE collector MONSTA X released special photocards on their No Limit US Tour but they are not easy to obtain

Fans who collect K-Pop items know the importance of photocards and even more so if they are special. Like the ones MONSTA X released on their US tour, these are hard to get, what do you need to own one of these?

MONSTA X is a great K-Pop group that is currently on tour in the United States. The idol group has performed in various states of the country and there are still many dates to give. MONBEBE cannot be more than happy to see his favorite band live again.

In the concerts there are many special things, first of all seeing your favorite group, then singing all their songs and spending time with other fans who feel the same as you do for that idol group. So the MX concerts in the USA are being a complete success and bring back new memories for MONBEBE.

And there are a lot of MONEBEBEs who collect photocards, what are these items? They are trading cards that we can normally find in K-Pop group albums, although they are also usually released in almost any event and collaboration that idols have.

And for their US Tour, MONSTA X has special photocards that every MONBEBE will want to have, but it's not easy to get these collectible items.

These MONSTA X photocards are the hardest to get on their No Limit US Tour

MONSTA X is being sponsored by Lexus for their US tour and in collaboration with this car brand, the idol group has released some photocards. The dynamic to obtain them is to show the keys of your Lexus and they will give you a set of these collectible items. But of course, not all fans drive this type of car. OMG.

These are MONSTA X's hardest photocards to get | Twitter: @byeolbitxing

 So if you drive a Lexus you can have these special MONSTA X photocards that must be some of the most expensive in K-Pop history.

What are the most expensive MONSTA X photocards?

There are very expensive MONSTA X photocards, since they are limited, we could say that in third place would be the broadcasts that take place in a special FanCafe event and they are really limited. A set of 3 of these photocards can cost upwards of $50. Then there are the 'Only Monbebe' from previous and past events of the group, these would cost up to $60 dollars each. And finally we have the fansing ones that are given in the group's fannings that could simply exceed the prices and some of these are autographed.

These are MONSTA X's broadcast photocards from One Of A Kind era | Twitter: @monstax_juju

If you are a collector, then you already knew this type of MONSTA X photocards, the most expensive and difficult to get that only few fans have in their hands.

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