Shownu is fulfilling his military service right now Shownu is fulfilling his military service right now

MONSTA X's Shownu was spotted fulfilling his military service in the best way

Shownu is not doing his military service in the army, the leader of MONSTA X has other activities that have really touched MONBEBE's hearts

MONSTA X's Shownu is currently serving his mandatory military service, although he is not in the military, naval, or air forces. He has other activities that really give us a lot of tenderness.

It has been over a year since MONSTA X leader Shownu had to leave and start his mandatory military service. He was absent from the idol group's 'One Of A Kind' promotions due to a retinal injury for which he had to take care of his eye. But some fans knew that this was more like a preparation.

Well, after the MX promotions with said comeback, Shownu enlisted in the army, he had a very emotional farewell in which all the other members of the boy band accompanied him to the place. Since before this, they helped him with his haircut and started a tradition in the group as the next youngest member would be the one to shave his hyung's head.

MONBEBE and MONSTA X were really sad that Shownu was temporarily out. But he actually left a lot of recorded content so that we would miss him less, and he even modeled for a special magazine that Starship Entertainment is about to release, this is Shownuayo.

The updates and sightings of Shownu have not been lacking, the leader of MONSTA X is doing his military service in a different way, since he is a Kindergarten teacher. He is not in the military, naval or air force, and was recently seen fulfilling his duties on a field trip to the water park.

MONSTA X's Shownu was seen at a water park doing his military service as a kindergarten teacher

MONBEBE was very happy to see some photos of Shownu in a water park, he was there doing his military service as his group of children with whom he works as a teacher were having an excursion there. He showed off his strong muscles with the swimsuit and the buoyancy vest in place.

Shownu at the water park fullfilling his military service | Twitter: @tomyluvshownu

We are happy to see that Shownu is still working hard in his military service and maybe it is actually an activity that he really likes, being a Kindergarten teacher. He has been seen with his students in other places, in parks and even he once shared his experience at this stage of his life.

Why is Shownu doing his military service as a Kindergarten teacher?

 Due to some physical and health conditions, Shownu cannot be in the field as a soldier, marine or in the air forces. Previously, his retinal injury was mentioned, that is one of the reasons why he fulfills his MS in the area of social service as a Kindergarten teacher.

Shownu fulfilling his military service | Twitter: @MXWH_INTL

Although it's less than a year before we can have Shownu back, we're very happy about it. But meanwhile we will continue to enjoy the leader of MONSTA X at this stage.

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