MONSTA X's Shape Of Love Special Ver MONSTA X's Shape Of Love Special Ver

MONSTA X's Shape Of Love will have the most special version, here's the reason why

MONSTA X's comeback is near and they worked on a very special edition for 'Shape Of Love', their next mini album

MONSTA X has been working hard for MONBEBE and they'll have a comeback very soon, 'Shape Of Love' is their next mini album which will have a very special version that fans need in their collection.

MONSTA X members are dedicated and passionate for music and performance, these idols are always giving the best for their fans. The best part about this idol group is that the artists of the lineup have active participation on each comeback.

As you might know, Joohoney is the who tends to write, compose and produce songs for MONSTA X, Hyungwon has written some songs too and also I.M. These three MX members have a great creativity and songs like 'GAMBLER', 'Rush Hour', 'Secrets', 'Rotate' or 'Autobahn' show that these K-Pop stars are not only good at singing and performing.

Maybe, some MONSTA X's idols haven't been showing their talents as songwriters, but they help in other ways, like Shownu, who sometimes had great ideas for coreography. They're a great team which works in the best way and exploits the talents of each of their idols.

This time, Minhyuk and Kihyun will show another of their facets as artists, if your a MONSTA X fan, they you know that Minhyuk is good at painting and drawing. And that Kihyun loves to take pictures with his camera. For 'Shape Of Love', they'll make something special for MONBEBE.

MONSTA X's Minhyuk and Kihyun worked on the artwork and photography of this special version of Shape Of Love

MONSTA X revealed a new special version of 'Shape Of Love', the group's next mini album. It seems like this comeback will be very special since this edition of the album will have artwork made by Minhyuk and photographies taken by Kihyun. Both idols have showed their hobbies to their fans and now their other face as artists will be reflected on the next group's release.

MONSTA X's Shape Of Love special version | Twitter: @OfficialMonstaX

There is still no preview of MONSTA X's 'Shape Of Love' and we know that they're going to keep this version in secret since a special surprise for MONBEBE.

When is MONSTA X going to release Shape Of Love?

MONSTA X will release Shape Of Love on April 26, 2022, the comeback was postponed since 4 out of 5 members tested positive for COVID-19, now that they're healthy Starship rescheduled the comeback. And even if now Joohoney tested positive too, the release of the mini album wasn't postponed anymore.

MONSTA X's Shape Of Love will be released very soon | Twitter: @imckfile

We can't wait for this new MONSTA X's mini album, Shape Of Love is going to have a lot of great songs and we're looking for them.

But while we wait for MONSTA X's comeback, keep reading more about the idol group, here we tell you about Changkyun and the way that Midnight Idol changed his life. 

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