Minhyuk says you should be careful with these red flags Minhyuk says you should be careful with these red flags

MONSTA X's Minhyuk doesn't want these kind of guys dating MONBEBE

Minhyuk revealed the red flags of a guy that MONSTA X fans should definitely not date

The members of MONSTA X want the best for their fans and this is why Minhyuk decided to reveal the red flags of people that MONBEBE should avoid when looking for a partner.

MONSTA X has many fans who never stop showing their great love, support and admiration for these idols. They also strive to have the best of relationships with their fans who have faithfully enjoyed their music and performances at each comeback.

MONBEBE is the loyal fandom of MONSTA X and has shared a lot of great moments with the idol group. There are fans who have been there since the debut of this band, many others have been added over time. Both in Korea and globally we can find MX fans.

And although the pandemic in a certain way distanced MONSTA X from their fans, it also brought them closer through video calls, the best thing is that worldwide fans could participate in these online fanings and talk for a few minutes with their favorite idol. Proving that MONSTA X and MONBEBE's relationship is just great.

This time, through a fancall, Minhyuk revealed what are the red flags of people who should not date with MONBEBE, what kind of guys does the MONSTA X idol not want for his fans?

MONSTA X's Minhyuk reveals which red flags MONBEBE should watch out for when looking for a partner

In a MONSTA X video call during their 'Shape Of Love' album promotions, MONBEBE asked Lee Minhyuk what characteristics a person a fan should date should NOT have. The idol gave 3 characteristics that might seem simple, but are also important.

  1. A person who cannot control his anger
  2. A pretentious person
  3. A person who does not express himself

So you have to be careful with someone who has any of those red flags for Minhyuk, is the idol right? Surely yes, definitely looking for someone with good characteristics is better.

Minhyuk always has the best advice for MONBEBE

Minhyuk really cares about MONBEBE and listens to his fans, not only on video calls, but also on platforms like FanCafe or his 'VogueShip Show', in some other content, Minhyuk gives the best advice to his fans.

'Dont try to be nice Dont try hard to be loved I have a choice given in this life I can just live as me' I haven't finish the book but I want to say dont just try to find happiness when you love yourself you will found happiness, be happy everyone

Minhyuk's advices for MONBEBE | Twitter: @CHAED0LLY

 Minhyuk's words warm MONBEBE's heart and we know that sometimes you need this kind of messagges to feel better, thanks Minmin and MONSTA X!

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