Kihyun shows more of Voyager with its preview Kihyun shows more of Voyager with its preview

MONSTA X's Kihyun raises expectations for Voyager with its preview

Kihyun is going to debut as a soloist with 'Voyager', what will this MONSTA X vocalist' debut album sound like? His new teaser gives us great expectations

Kihyun from MONSTA X is more than ready for his solo debut with Voyager, and although there are still a few days to go before its release, the idol is thrilling his fans with a new preview.

MONSTA X has its 6 highly talented members who have proven to be amazing as singers, dancers, and rappers. The skills of these artists are not only visible with their work together, as a group; they have also shone as soloists, as is the case with Joohoney and I.M, both rappers have released their own mixtapes.

But, the vocalists of this K-Pop group have not been left behind, Hyungwon stood out as a soloist and also as an actor in the drama 'Fly Again' which he not only starred in, but was also part of its OST. But if we talk about Kihyun, who has an amazing and powerful voice, he has also been able to demonstrate all his vocal and musical abilities as a solo artist.

Yoo Kihyun has delighted MONBEBE with some covers, the idol has confessed to being a big fan of rock and shows it by doing his own versions of songs by groups like Imagine Dragons. This also showed another facet of him and new tones and ranges in his voice that give each MONSTA X song a personal stamp.

But it's time to learn more about Kihyun and his great abilities, this MONSTA X vocalist will debut as a soloist with a single album that will have 3 songs and one of them was even written by Kiki. How will these new tracks sound? The preview of 'Voyager' demonstrates the idol's power as a solo artist.

Kihyun unveils more from Voyager with its preview, here's what MONSTA X Idol's solo songs will sound like

Kihyun released the preview for 'Voyager' and it shows how the three songs from this next solo album from the MONSTA X's vocalist will sound like. The tracks have different styles, but they all have a great rock touch that shows how much the idol likes this genre. It also takes us through slightly more retro sounds, all of which perfectly accompany the great voice of this singer. Which of all will be your favorite?

 Are you ready to enjoy Kihyun more with his solo debut? It seems that he has prepared many surprises and his songs will be just phenomenal.

When is Kihyun's Voyager coming out?

Voyager is coming out on March 15, 2022, there are only a few more days left to listen to it in full. The physical album is already in presale and will also be released digitally on all platforms so you can listen to it. Don't miss out this Kihyun's solo debut.

Kihyun's solo is coming out soon | Twitter: @monstax_youtube

It only remains to wait a little longer to be able to listen to all of Kihyun in Voyager, it will have songs that you will surely love.

Keep reading more aboyut MONSTA X and its members, we tell you everything about Joohoney and Hyungwon showing Kihyun all of their support and love.

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