Kihyun covered Happy To Die by I.M Kihyun covered Happy To Die by I.M

MONSTA X's Kihyun covered I.M's Happy To Die and put a vocal spin on the rap

Kihyun is a vocalist of MONSTA X and did a mini-cover of Happy To Die by I.M who is a rapper, how does this new version sound?

Kihyun is an amazing vocalist who has performed in MONSTA X since their debut, his voice is great in every song and this time he decided to cover 'Happy To Die', a song by his fellow group member I.M.

The members of MONSTA X are extremely talented and dedicated artists, all of whom have combined their talents perfectly to show the world the best songs and performances since their debut in 2015. The best thing about this idol group is that its members often take part as well. in creating their songs

And in addition to working together on MX tracks, the idols of this boy band have also released their own songs on mixtapes and albums. In this 2022, Yoo Kihyun debuted as a soloist with 'Voyager', he showed us one more facet of him as an artist and his amazing vocals to which he already accustomed us were not lacking.

Another member of MONSTA X who has shone with his talent as a solo artist is I.M, who is part of the rap lines. This is why Changkyun has released solo rap and it's just great as he has a unique style and great ideas for his own songs. MONBEBE still can't get over 'Duality' which he released in early 2021.

In Changkyun's 'Duality' we find 'Happy To Die' which is one of MONBEBE's favorite tracks, this time Kihyun decided to cover this song which gave it a different touch as the vocalist didn't try to rap, he just impressed us with his vocals one more time.

Kihyun covered I.M's Happy To Die impressing us with his voice once again

Through Universe, a special application to keep in touch with idols where the members of MONSTA X are, Kihyun sent a voice note to MONBEBE, it was a mini cover of the original song 'Happy To Die' by Changkyun, how does the vocalist's version sound? He shone in a few seconds with his incredible ranges and changed the rap of the song completely.

Wow! This mini version of 'Happy To Die' really sounds beautiful with Kihyun's vocals, do you think I'll release the whole cover? We hope so! It would really be wonderful to hear the full song with Kiki's vocals or a duet with I.M, can you imagine that? Here is the original song for you to give lots of love too.


Kihyun has already surprised MONBEBE with his covers before

Even before debuting as a solo artist, Kihyun released different covers, he likes rock and this is why he has covered groups like Imagine Dragons, he also covered Tom Grennan. So we can enjoy Kihyun's covers for different songs and also his own solo tracks.

We love Kihyun's talent so much, he's really amazing, don't you think? An exceptional vocalist in the K-Pop industry who we really admire.

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