Joohoney's very first rap Joohoney's very first rap

MONSTA X's Joohoney performs the first rap he ever wrote and it's simply amazing

Lee Jooheon is one of MONSTA X's rappers, he's been doing it even before joining his group and his first rap shows more of his great talent

MONSTA X members are truly talented and Joohoney stands out with his unique way of rapping, he's been doing it even before debuting and he proves his abilities as a songwriter showing off the first rap he ever wrote.

MONSTA X has talented members which stand out with all of their skills and abilities, in this group's rapline we find Lee Jooheon, an all-rounder who's not only good at rapping, he's also an amazing singer, a great dancer. His work won't be limited so he also writes, composes and produces songs for the idol group.

Joohoney has been rapping even before his debut, he surprised a lot of experts with his unique way of doing it. Jooheon collaborated with some fellow underground rappers while he was still in 'No.Mercy' the reality show in which MONSTA X was formed.

Every MONSTA X's song has a unique stamp since Honey's rap gives something special, but he has worked as a soloist too releasing his digital mixtapes for MONBEBE to enjoy. He's truly one of the best rappers in K-Pop industry and it shows with his own and MX's tracks.

It seems like Joohoney was made for rapping and it shows with the performance of the first rap he ever wrote, he was able to show it off and we're stunned by this amazing song, would he release a full version?

This is the first rap that Joohoney wrote in his life even before he was a MONSTA X member

MONSTA X's Joohoney appeared in a variety show, in this one he had the chance to perform his very first rap, the first one he ever wrote in his life. He said he was nervous to do it, even if he's now a superstars which has performed in a lot of places. But we can say that this is pretty special since it's the first rap song he ever created.

Joohoney's rapping style is just amazing, and we love even this first piece he ever wrote, he's a real genius, he's so talented.

MONSTA X has one of the first songs Joohoney wrote

Joohoney has been writing songs for MONSTA X ever since the debut of the idol group, there's one of his very first songs on 'Trespass' the debut mini album of MX, we're talking about 'Blue Moon', he said he wrote this song with a friend while he was in highschool. The recording process for this one was special too and the members remember it too. 

This song reminds us of old school Hip-Hop, it's just amazing, and it only shows how talented Jooheon was even during his school years, Honey is very creative and has a great sense in music as a songwriter and also as a producer. We love everything about his work and we're looking forward more of his music with MONSTA X and as a soloist too.

Keep reading more about MONSTA X, the idol group has a new shcedule for its next comeback, 'Shape Of Love' is near and we can't wait for it.

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