Changkyun's life changed since he became a MC for Midnight Idol Changkyun's life changed since he became a MC for Midnight Idol

MONSTA X's I.M revealed how being Midnight Idol's MC changed his life

MONSTA X's Changkyun and Kihyun host the Midnight Idol show and it's been life changing for I.M

I.M is one of the MONSTA X rappers who discovered his new talent as the host of 'Midnight Idol' and tearfully revealed how his life has changed since becoming an MC.

MONSTA X is a K-Pop group full of multi-talented artists and each of them has proven their different skills in and out of music. I.M is one of them, a rapper with his own style who has written some songs for his idol group in various mini albums.

Im Changkyun has also written songs for his mixtapes and special songs released solo. There is much we can admire about him within music. But, there are more talents that he has that perhaps need to be explored a little more. Maybe his personality seems introverted, but he has a lot that he has shown for MONBEBE.

In September 2021, Changkyun became the host of Midnight Idol along with Kihyun and began a new adventure with this program that was broadcast on Naver. In each episode we could learn more about both idols as they talked a lot with their fans.

On Midnight Idol, Kiki and I.M also hosted many other K-Pop artists, what changed Changkyun's life since becoming an MC on this show? He revealed a bit of it for his fans.

MONSTA X's I.M's life changed by being MC of Midnight Idol for this reason

During one of the Midnight Idol broadcasts in which I.M was hosting the show alone, he revealed to his fans how his life had changed since becoming an MC on this show. Thanks to the fact that he has shared a lot of time with his fans through this program, he has felt better.

He even confessed that March had been quite a difficult month for him, but reading the stories of his fans and knowing that he was spending time with MONBEBE kept him afloat. He was able to empathize with the feelings of the fans of the show and that was great for him. Changkyun couldn't help it and shed a few tears.

So spending time with MONBEBE was what really changed I.M's life even in his hardest times, fans showed their full support for him through Midnight Idol and he keeps working hard, Changkyun, you're the best < 3.

 Changkyun had the best moments in Midnight Idol

During the Midnight Idol broadcast with I.M as the host, the MONSTA X idol had many great moments on the show. Epik High celebrated on his birthday, MONBEBE could hear Changkyun's dad's voice. Together with Kihyun, both idols gave the best advice for their fans. They both also met many other K-Pop artists and generally had a great experience at this show.

Kihyun and Changkyun had great moments in Midnight Idol | Twitter: @kihgraphy

Midnight Idol was a great experience for Changkyun, Kihyun and MONBEBE, we hope that there will be a new season of the show soon and we will continue to share adventures with MONSTA X fandom and idols.

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