MONSTA X's I.M showed off his new tattoo MONSTA X's I.M showed off his new tattoo

MONSTA X's I.M has a new special tattoo, what is the meaning behind it?

Changkyun showed off his new tattoo and MONBEBE was able to appreciate the new art on the MONSTA X idol's skin

MONSTA X's I.M has some tattoos on different parts of his body and this time he showed a new one that has a very special meaning for him.

The members of MONSTA X are extremely talented and dedicated artists. One of them is I.M, the maknae of the group who is also engaged in rapping, singing, dancing and composing songs for his idol group. In addition, the idols have also dedicated themselves to releasing their own tracks that show us more of their style and personal stamp.

Im Changkyun has a great personality, although he seems serious and introverted, the truth is that he is someone very deep, mature and intelligent. Although he is also someone fun and the spoiled one for the other members of MX and MONBEBE. This member has many characteristics that we can appreciate.

We love the way Changkyun expresses himself and not only through music, but also through his style and the tattoos he has. Since before it had been revealed that the idol was tattooed, his fans love to see in detail the different details that Chang now wears forever on his body.

Now, I.M showed a new tattoo that he has on his arm and MONBEBE collapsed again, this has a very special meaning, what did the MONSTA X idol get tattooed?

I.M has a new tattoo with a special meaning for the MONSTA X rapper

MONSTA X appeared at the airport for his trip to Germany, there the media and fansites of the group took many photos of the idols and in this one we could see I.M's new tattoo, it is on his arm and it is a flower. This is the columbine flower. What meaning does this tattoo have? Symbolizes aspiration, endurance, risk-taking, good fortune, faith, and peace. But also the columbine flower is also birth flower of May 14th, date of MONSTA X anniversary.

I.M's new tattoo | Twitter: @l0stminhyuk

International MONBEBE really liked this new tattoo of Changkyun, K-MONBEBE... well, fans accused him with I.M's dad, in fact they trended 'Professor Im' as they mentioned the idol's dad to punish him for his tattoo. LOL.

How many tattoos does MONSTA X's I.M have now?

Now I.M has 4 tattoos in total, previously he only had 3, which are a face like ':):', the phrase 'One who wears the crown, bears the crown' and some red roses in the middle of his upper back. Now the fourth which is the columbine flower.

I.M has 4 tattoos now | Twitter: @MoonSarii

We love I.M's tattoos, they're really pretty and this last one has a lot of meaning for the idol and his group, isn't it great? You can choose your favorite, many fans even recreate them.

Keep reading  more about MONSTA X and Changkyun too, here we have some of his solo songs which are our favorite ones. 

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