Minhyuk and Changkyun start quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19 Minhyuk and Changkyun start quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19

MONSTA X's I.M and Minhyuk are diagnosed with COVID-19, how are they doing?

MONBEBE is worried about two MONSTA X members now that Minhyuk and Changkyun have also tested positive for COVID-19 and are starting their recovery

The infections continue and now 4 out of 5 active members of MONSTA X have been diagnosed with COVID-19, Minhyuk and I.M keep in touch with MONBEBE as they start their quarantine.

Despite the pandemic, MONSTA X had kept working hard for MONBEBE. During 2020 and 2021, the idol group had many activities, online and in person. So everything seemed to be going pretty well. The members of this group were maintained with the necessary sanitary measures.

Although also, some members of MX had had to self-quarantine, such as Hyungwon who during the recording of his drama 'Fly Again' there was a contagion and although he was negative, he preferred to rest a bit. Everything was still going well for MONSTA X.

But in recent days, it seems that infections have been on the rise and Chae Hyungwon was the first to test positive for COVID-19, followed by Kihyun who had to stop his solo activities to start his recovery. MONBEBE worried about both idols and hoped that they would recover soon.

And now, two other MONSTA X members have tested positive for COVID-19. Minhyuk and I.M have already started their recovery, but they don't lose contact with MONBEBE in their quarantine.

MONSTA X's Minhyuk and I.M begin recovery period after testing positive for COVID-19

Starship Entertainment released a statement regarding the health status of Changkyun and Minhyuk, both of whom tested positive for COVID-19 and began their quarantine period to recover. Neither of them have had many symptoms, just a sore throat.

Minhyuk and Changkyun are recovering right now | Twitter: @imckworld

There is still no date for which MONSTA X's comeback will be postponed, but the main thing is that the members recover well so that they can return to the stage with everything and continue delighting MONBEBE.

MONBEBE sends best wishes to Minhyuk and I.M on their recovery

MONBEBE is already supporting I.M and Minhyuk in their recovery, they know they will need a lot of encouragement and have taken to social media to send best wishes and messages to both idols. They have not lost contact with their fans even at the beginning of their quarantine.

MONBEBE's best wishes for Minmin and Chang | Twitter: @StandUpMBB

We hope that the four members of MONSTA X who are sick will recover satisfactorily. Maybe Jooheon will go into quarantine too, although he was working on Idol Radio today. Let's support him too!

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