MONSTA X at Jeddah K-Pop Festival MONSTA X at Jeddah K-Pop Festival

MONSTA X traveled to Saudi Arabia for Jeddah K-Pop Festival 2022, they will perform soon

MONSTA X will have a more than special stage at the Jeddah K-Pop Festival 2022 in Saudi Arabia

MONSTA X will take the stage of Jeddah K-Pop Festival 2022 in Saudi Arabia, the idols are ready for their performance and will give a great concert.

MONSTA X is an amazing K-Pop group that has been in charge of bringing the best music to its large audience. For 7 years they have worked hard on each comeback and performance for MONBEBE, the faithful fandom that is in charge of showing all their love and support for this idol group.

Ever since in-person concerts resumed, MONSTA X has been meeting with fans from all over the world. First, they held their annual Fancon in Korea with K-MONBEBE who was able to see them, then they left their country and traveled to Germany for a K-Pop festival. Finally, his US tour took place after that performance.

At the end of their tour in the United States, MONSTA X went straight to Japan for the meet & greet they had scheduled with their fans in that country. And finally MX has returned to Korea to rest a bit. It's been a busy few months for idols and MONBEBE has been more than happy to see them live once again.

But that's not all, MONSTA X has traveled to Saudi Arabia this time, the idol group will perform at a new K-Pop festival and we can't wait to see them on stage, they will delight MONBEBE once again.

MONSTA X is about to have their performance at Jeddah Kpop Festival 2022 in Saudi Arabia

Jeddah Kpop Festival 2022 has been a 3-day festival where we have seen different of our favorite groups. In this 3rd. day of the event we will see MONSTA X, their performance is about to happen, it will be in a couple more hours. The idol group traveled to Saudi Arabia to perform on stage at this fest.

Jeddah K-Pop Festival poster | Twitterd: @KPOPALWAYS5

As you can see, a lot more other bands have already performed at this great festival, it's been amazing for K-Pop fans in Saudi Arabia.

How has the Jeddah K-Pop Festival 2022 been since its beginning?

Here we have some videos of other groups at the festival since MONSTA X hasn't performed yet, a few hours to go. But there are performances by ATEEZ, VICTON, and EVERGLOW, for example. The fans are really excited about this event, Jeddah K-Pop Festival 2022 it's been really wonderful.

Well, definitely in a while we will be able to see how MONSTA X's presentation has been at this K-Pop festival, while we will continue waiting.

You can also keep reading more about MONSTA X, they're gonna release a new digital single called 'If With U', when will we listen to it? 

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