MONSTA X is going to release a new digital single MONSTA X is going to release a new digital single

MONSTA X to release If With U, here's all we know about their upcoming digital single

MONSTA X will be collaborating with Universe Music to release a new digital single, when will we hear 'If With U'?

We'll have new music from MONSTA X coming soon, the idol group will be releasing a new digital single with Universe, and here's everything you need to know about their new song 'If With U'.

MONSTA X is a K-Pop group with members who are extremely talented and dedicated to their music. Through 7 years of history they have given the best of themselves for their fans. In each comeback and performance we saw these idols trying new concepts and shining with all their talents.

There are a lot of MONSTA X songs that we will never forget, like 'Shoot Out' which became a classic, 'Alligator' too. More recently we had 'GAMBLER', 'Rush Hour' or 'Love', for example, all these tracks that we really loved. And although it has been a short time since his last comeback, MONBEBE wants the idol group back.

Although at the moment the fandom is still in doubt due to the contract renewal that has only been confirmed by 3 of the members, there is still hope that they all decide to continue as a group. In the midst of this, they have had their tour and other activities pending in Japan. Now we also have a new news.

MONSTA X will release a digital single with Universe, the special app for keeping in touch with various idol groups. Universe Music has worked with MX before and this time they will bring 'If With U' together, when will this song be released?

MONSTA X will have a new digital single, when will If With U be released?

MONSTA X has announced the release of 'If With U', a new digital single in collaboration with Universe Music, starting July 1, 2022 they will start releasing their various teasers. Finally, on July 7, 2022, the digital single will be released on digital platforms and will have an MV that we can watch on the app Universe first and on July 12 it will be uploaded to YouTube.

MONSTA X's promotion scheduler for If With U | Twitter: @HyungwonThings

'If With U' has a super soft concept, it will surely be a calm and sweet song dedicated to MONBEBE, maybe even a ballad, awww! We already want to hear it.

MONSTA X's If With U | Twitter: @HyungwonThings

MONSTA X had already released Kiss Or Death in collaboration with Universe

'Kiss Or Death' is another digital single that MONSTA X had released with Universe, that song was epic and it was only released on digital platforms. Shownu was still active in that digital comeback. So we can expect a new song with a lot of idol group quality for 'If With U'.

We want to hear 'If With U'! We will patiently wait 6 more days to enjoy this new MONSTA X track that will make MONBEBE very happy.

Keep reading more about MONSTA X and its members, here we have some English songs that should be on your playlist, MX has the best tracks for you. 

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