MONSTA X at KPOP.FLEX in Germany MONSTA X at KPOP.FLEX in Germany

MONSTA X surprised the public at KPOP.FLEX festival, fans loved their stage presence

MONSTA X has new fans after their performance at the KPOP.FLEX festival in Germany, here's how they surprised the audience

MONSTA X's presence on stage is no joke and this time they managed to steal the night at the KPOP.FLEX festival, thus conquering new fans at this concert.

MONSTA X is a great K-Pop group, its members are extremely talented and dedicated, great proof of this are the songs of the idol group. And it is that the idols are not only dedicated to singing them, they are also part of the writing, composition and production process of these tracks.

There is much that we can admire about MONSTA X and something that stands out about these artists is also their great presence on stage. Recently, the idol group's comebacks took every show in Korea to the best of their ability and showed off their best choreography with songs like 'GAMBLER', 'Rush Hour' and most recently 'LOVE'.

In face-to-face and online concerts and festivals, MX also proved its great power of performance and surprised MONBEBE with the best of them in this type of event. In December we were able to see them at the Jingle Ball and soon they will have their long-awaited tour of the US where they will meet more fans.

MONSTA X was part of the KPOP.FLEX festival in Germany where they shocked the public with their performances, what made this night so special for the idol group?

MONSTA X stands out with their stage presence at Germany's KPOP.FLEX Festival

MONSTA X traveled to Germany to perform at the KPOP.Flex festival where approximately 80k people would attend. Among them were many MONBEBEs, but also some other fans who didn't exactly stan MX but ended up doing so as many were surprised by the idols' stage presence.

The members of MONSTA X not only did their performances in an excellent way, they also highly encouraged the public and were in contact with fans. The audience in the stadium definitely loved everything about their performance at the festival.

Here's how fans and non-fans were surprised by MONSTA X at KPOP.FLEX:

MONSTA X has new fans now afther teir performances

 MONSTA X is ready for their No Limit US Tour

The United States is the next stop for MONSTA X as the idols will have their tour of the country starting on May 21, 2022, they will arrive in cities such as New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, among others. It seems that there will be many surprises on this tour and even just stages for the idol group.

MONSTA X No Limit US Tour | Twitter: @theseoulstory

There are some cities with tickets on sale still, some of them are sold out and some others are still available, check it out if you wanna see this incredible band live.

Keep reading more about MONSTA X and its members, like Changkyun who has a new tattoo with a special meaning, what is it about? 

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