MOSTA X shows the concept of If With U MOSTA X shows the concept of If With U

MONSTA X shows the brilliant concept of If With U in new teaser

'If With U' is MONSTA X's upcoming digital single that will not only be an auditory spectacle, but also a visual one and this new concept teaser proves it

MONSTA X has worked on a new song with Universe Music and will soon release the digital single 'If With U', which will have a bright and colorful concept, as they show in their new teaser.

MONSTA X is an excellent K-Pop group, one of the most original in the industry. And it is well known that the members of this group have given their own stamp to their songs, MVs and performances. In addition to being highly adaptive to a variety of musical genres and styles.

This year, MONSTA X celebrated its seventh anniversary and throughout its history we have been able to see them try out different concepts and styles. All of them suit the idol group very well, the vocalists are wonderful, their choreographies have always made an impact on stage, their rappers are agile and strong (plus they can also sing with an angelic voice).

So, we love the music of MX and everything that they have shown in each comeback and performance. Soon, in fact, we will have a new song from this boy band. They worked with Universe Music again to release a digital single that is thrilling MONBEBE once again.

It's 'If With U', a new song that will have a smooth, colorful and bright concept, plus all the talents of MONSTA X idols. They showed more of this upcoming digital single in a new teaser with beautiful scenery.

MONSTA X shows more of the warm concept of If With U in their new trailer with beautiful scenery

Universe Music has released a new teaser for MONSTA X's 'If With U', in which we can see the stages that will be used in the MV. Everything is full of colors and a certain brightness and warmth that really comes through in the different places. We can also hear the instrumentalization that will surely be part of the single in this teaser.

We think it's a beautiful thing, the photography in this MV will be great and we still don't see the MONSTA X idols in these shots but we know that the aesthetics will improve when they appear in these beautiful scenery. 

When will MONSTA X's If With U be released?

There are only 3 days left to listen to 'If With U', its release date is July 7, 2022, that day the song will be released on digital platforms and MV through the Universe app. On July 12, the music video will also premiere on YouTube. MONBEBE has everything ready to stream MONSTA X.

If With U | Twitter: @HyungwonThings

We're looking forward this MONSTA X's digital single, it will be amazing, we know it, for sure! And the soft concept is soooo amazing.

Keep reading more about MONSTA X and its members, like Shownu, here we have some fun facts about him so you can get to know better this amazing leader in K-Pop. 

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