MONSTA X's LOVE teaser MONSTA X's LOVE teaser

MONSTA X reveals a little bit of LOVE in new teaser for this MV

MONSTA X's Shape Of Love title track is the song 'LOVE' which will have an amazing MV and this new teaser shows it

MONSTA X is ready for its next comeback, 'Shape Of Love' is full of amazing songs such as 'LOVE'. The title track of this new mini album will have a great MV and here the idols showed it in a new teaser.

MONSTA X has been working hard on its next comeback, even if there are some obstacles and it had to be postponed, now it's ready to come out and impress fans and the public with new songs and more.

'Shape Of Love' is the name of next MONSTA X's mini album, it'll have 6 songs, some of them were written by the group's members like Joohoney and I.M. Jooheon also produced this album like he's been doing it before.

'LOVE' will be 'Shape Of Love' title track, it's the first song on the album. MX has been teasing fans with some photos, and they also showed the tracklist before. The excitement of MONBEBE around this is just great.

And now, we now how 'LOVE' MV will be, since MONSTA X released a new teaser that shows a little bit more about it, did you watched it?

MONSTA X releases a new teaser for 'LOVE', this will be the first 'Shape Of Love' MV

Through the official account of MONSTA X on YouTube, the K-Pop group released a new teaser for 'Shape Of Love', it's about the 'LOVE' MV, this song will be the next title track. In this one, the idols shine and bright, they look fancy and the tracks sounds like something new, it's marvelous in some way, but sounds also too different to what MONSTA X released before.

Woah! It seems like next MONSTA X MV will be just fancy, we love this concept on the group and we can't wait anymore for 'Shape Of Love' to be released.

 When will MONSTA X's LOVE MV be premiered?

MONSTA X's LOVE MV will be premiered on April 26, 2022, it's almost here! We just have to wait a couple days more for it and then we can watch it, we're more than ready for this comeback.

Are you ready for MONSTA X's comeback? | Twitter: @ckyunstd

MONSTA X comeback's countdown has begun and we can't wait for it! MONBEBE is pretty excited too!

Meanwhile, watch more of MONSTA X's concept for Shape Of Love, it'll be truly amazing and it's kinda different this time. 

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