What's hiding MONSTA X's Shape Of Love tracklist? What's hiding MONSTA X's Shape Of Love tracklist?

MONSTA X revealed Shape Of Love tracklist with a secret message for fans

MONSTA X's comeback is getting closer and the idol group has already released the 'Shape Of Love' tracklist with a secret message

MONSTA X surprised MONBEBE with the announcement of 'Shape Of Love', the idol group's next mini album, this Korean comeback will feature 6 songs, have you seen their tracklist? It also has a hidden message that you may not have noticed.

MONSTA X is one of the K-Pop groups that has been causing great excitement around the world. And it is that the songs and presentations of this idol group are simply amazing. In addition to having a great history that is a great example of never giving up despite adversity.

This is how MONSTA X has earned the great love and affection of millions of fans who do not hesitate to show their full support in each new boy band project. A great example of this was their previous Korean comeback, with 'No Limit' they broke their own record for wins without leaving their personal stamps aside.

After the Korean comeback, MX also released their second English album which got even more promotion with their movie both titled 'The Dreaming'. That was at the end of 2021, during these early 2022 we had only seen Kihyun, the group's vocalist, debut as a solo artist with 'Voyager'.

Until MONSTA X surprised with new news, the band's comeback is closer than we think and the boy band has already shown the tracklist, in addition to leaving a subliminal message for its fans, what will it be about?

MONSTA X reveals Shape Of Love tracklist, these songs will be featured on this upcoming mini album

MONSTA X prepared 6 songs for 'Shape Of Love', 3 of them were written by Joohoney, some of them Hyungwon and Changkyun are also credited. Jooheon was once again the producer and we can find an ode to love in this K-Pop group's upcoming mini album.

Shape Of Love's tracklist | Twitter: @OfficialMonstaX

In this next MONSTA X album we will also have a collaboration with DJ R3HAB, what surprises will the idols have prepared with this next mini album? We can't wait for its premiere on April 11, 2022.

 MONBEBE found a secret message in MONSTA X's Shape Of Love tracklist

K-MONBEBE decided to flip the Shape Of Love tracklist and found a secret message, it seems to say 'I Love You MBB', could it be that MONSTA X put this message for their fans on purpose? That's how a Korean fan found it and shared it with the world.

Shape Of Love's tracklist secret message | Twitter: @moss_mbb_1220

 Well, that's clear, because MONSTA X idols work hard to bring the best songs for MONBEBE and Joohoney has also confessed several times that he is inspired by his fans to create his compositions, awww! We can't wait to hear 'Shape Of Love'.

Keep reading more about MONSTA X and its members, can you imagine them as princesses? Minhyuk gave one to each of his groupmates.

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