MONSTA X received a new Hanteo certification MONSTA X received a new Hanteo certification

MONSTA X received a new Silver Certification from Hanteo for Shape Of Love

MONSTA X had their most recent comeback with Shape Of Love, one of their most successful albums on Hanteo

MONSTA X conquered MONBEBE once again with 'Shape Of Love' which broke many boy band personal records with its Hanteo certified sales.

MONSTA X is an amazing K-Pop group consisting of 6 members. Although at the moment his leader is inactive because he is fulfilling his obligations in the military service. Still, the remaining 5 members have continued to work hard on their music and performances.

With 5 members, MONSTA X has had a couple of comebacks that have really impacted the industry. The first of them was at the end of 2022 with 'No Limit', its title track 'Rush Hour' broke the idol group's personal record for South Korean music show wins.

They also made it onto major charts in the Korean music industry and more. After that, MONSTA X continued to work and promoted their second full English album 'The Dreaming' along with a special movie for MONBEBE. This 2022 we still have a lot of MONSTA X to enjoy.

MONSTA X's most recent comeback was with 'Shape Of Love', an amazing mini album that took many fans' senses with 'LOVE', its title tracks and other amazing B-Sides like 'Burning Up' or 'Breath'. And now this is the second MX album to receive major recognition from Hanteo.

Shape Of Love is MONSTA X's second album to achieve Silver Certification from Hanteo

MONSTA X idols posed with their silver plaque provided by Hanteo in recognition of 200 thousand certified sales of 'Shape Of Love', the idol group's latest mini album. In addition to 'SOL', 'No Limit' also obtained this certification, it was the first album to do so.

MONSTA X with their Hanteo Silver Certification | Twitter: @jookihoney

We're happy for MONSTA X! They deserve a lot of love and happiness, and we know that they're truly happy to get this second Silver Certification.

MONSTA X also received a special recognition from Inkigayo

Monsta X also receives recognition as Top 1 in Inkigayo hot stage for 'LOVE', Inkigayo is one of the most difficult Korean music shows to win, but with their great performance they conquered the public and took this important trophy. We congratulate you once again!

MONSTA X with his Inkigayo award | Twitter: @jookihoney

We hppe that MONSTA X keeps giving the best for MONBEBE and also for its own idols who have been working real hard over the years.

Keep reading more abour MONSTA X and its members, they'll soon release a digital single called 'If With U', we're about to listen to it. 

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