MONSTA X will have a comeback soon MONSTA X will have a comeback soon

MONSTA X is ready for comeback with Shape Of Love, when is it coming out?

MONSTA X has everything ready for their next comeback with their mini album Shape Of Love, when will it be released?

MONSTA X surprised their fans with the announcement of their upcoming comeback, the idol group's first mini album of 2022 is coming sooner than we thought.

MONSTA X is an idol group full of talent, in recent months they have worked as a group with only 5 members since Shownu, their leader, is doing his mandatory military service. But this has not stopped the other boys in the group from shining on stage.

In November 2021, MONSTA X had their last Korean comeback with 'No Limit', a mini album that gave them a lot of wins on Korean music shows with its title track 'No Limit'. By December of the same year, MX released 'The Dreaming', his second album in English that was very successful. In addition to a movie where some tracks from that album were released.

Since then, MONSTA X concentrated on their Korean activities, Hyungwon and Joohoney as Idol Radio MCs. Kihyun and Changkyun hosting Midnight Idol and Minhyuk would return to VogueShip Show. As for new music, only Kihyun released her first solo single.

But since yesterday the rumors started about a MONSTA X comeback, this surprised MONBEBE that maybe they still can't get over the era of 'No Limit' and 'The Dreaming'. But today the idol group confirmed that they will be releasing their next mini album very soon.

MONSTA X will have a comeback in April, this is all we know about Shape Of Love

After information about MONSTA X's comeback in April was leaked, the K-Pop group decided to confirm this news and through their official social networks they released the first images of 'Shape Of Love'. This upcoming mini album has quite a stylish concept and seems to be full of romance.

Welcome to MONSTA X's new era: Shape Of Love | Twitter: @OfficialMonstaX

Are you ready for this upcoming MONSTA X comeback? Because no one expected it, or maybe they did because it's been 4 months since the idol group's last comeback.

 When will MONSTA X's Shape Of Love be released?

Although MONSTA X's poster says 'Coming Soon', it also has the date of April 11, so maybe it's on that day that 'Shape Of Love' is released and we can hear MX's new music on this great album.

Shape Of Love is coming soon | Twitter: @OfficialMonstaX

Perhaps in the following days we will have more previews of MONSTA X with Shape Of Love, a new era of this idol group is beginning and you should not miss it.

Keep reading more about MONSTA X, we have a quiz for you to know who is more compatible with you from this K-Pop group. 

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