MONSTA X is doing some activities in Japan MONSTA X is doing some activities in Japan

MONSTA X is in Japan with a lot of surprises prepared for MONBEBE

What is MONSTA X doing in Japan? The group traveled from the US to meet J-MONBEBE

MONSTA X is not back in Korea yet because they have other activities to accomplish in Japan after their successful US tour.

MONSTA X is an amazing K-Pop group filled with extremely talented members who are dedicated to their music. Each of them has given their best in each comeback and performance. For some time now, the idol group has been working with only 5 active members.

This is because Shownu, leader of MX, is fulfilling his mandatory military service. This is how we have seen MONSTA X make two Korean comebacks, the release of their second English album, and tour the US as only 5 members. But that does not mean that their comebacks and concerts have not been impressive.

MONSTA X had a successful tour of the United States, with stops in the most important cities in the country and MONBEBE was able to see them live once again after the long wait due to the pandemic that affected travel and face-to-face concerts. Finally the boy band was able to meet their fans once again.

And even though MONSTA X's US tour is over, the K-Pop group has not returned to Korea as they have more activities in Japan, what surprises does MX have for its fans in that country?

MONSTA X is in Japan to promote Wish On The Same Sky, what surprises do you have for your fans there?

'Wish On The Same Sky' was one of the singles from MONSTA X's Japanese album 'Flavors Of Love', due to the pandemic, the idol group was unable to promote this release personally in Japan and this is why their activities spanned until now that the idol group traveled from the United States to that country to have their due promotions.

MONSTA X's Wish On The Same Sky promotion will mainly consist of Meet & Greets with MONBEBE, so you can share a good time with the idol group.

So MONSTA X will finally be able to see J-MONBEBE once again after the long wait that fans had to go through to see them once again and it will be some Meet & Greets where we will see the idols.

 When will MONSTA X return to Korea?

On June 19, MONSTA X's activities in Japan end, so maybe on the same day or on June 20, the idol group will already be back in Korea. This is something that fans are worried about as other important issues in the group come up. The resolution of their contract renewal is still pending and it may also be that 4 of the members will begin their compulsory military service in the month of December.

MONSTA X might be back in Korea on June 20 | Twittter: @OfficialMonstaX

So let's hope that MONSTA X will return to Korea soon and also take a well-deserved break after their long tour in the US and pending activities in Japan.

Keep reading more about MONSTA X and its members, they had something sad to talk about recently since one of their staff members passed away. 

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