MONSTA X's perfect line distribution MONSTA X's perfect line distribution

MONSTA X has the song with the best line distribution of 2022, it's almost perfect!

MONSTA X knew how to make shine its 5 active members in its last comeback and its distribution of lines was perfect

Since K-Pop groups usually have a lot of members, it is sometimes difficult to distribute their song lines fairly. But MONSTA X did it in their last comeback and now they have the song with the best line distribution of 2022.

MONSTA X is an amazing group of K-Pop, the members of this boy band are extremely talented artists, passionate and totally dedicated to music. Each song and performance of MX has the whole soul of its idols who specialize in singing, dancing and rapping and combine their skills very well.

At first, MONSTA X debuted with 7 members, but Wonho had to leave due to a controversy that only hurt his image and he couldn't come back anymore, sadly. In 2021, Shownu, the leader of the group, had to temporarily stop his idol activities due to the fact that he started his mandatory military service. So since then, MX is working with 5 active members.

Thus, MONSTA X has worked on their comeback with 'No Limit' and the most recent 'Shape Of Love', in addition to their concerts, Fan Con and other promotions as OT5. Although MONBEBE and the idols miss Shownu very much, we can still enjoy the talents of Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Joohoney, and I.M.

Precisely with 'Shape Of Love', MONSTA X managed to have the song with the best line distribution of 2022, one of its tracks is almost perfect, all the active members of the boy band have a very fair share of lines in this song.

MONSTA X's LOVE is the song with the best line distribution of 2022, it looks perfectly distributed

'LOVE' is the title track of MONSTA X's 'Shape Of Love', an excellent song with which the boy band promoted their latest album. Well this one has the best line distribution of 2022, the pie chart looks almost perfect, each member has almost the same part in this song, so their distribution is really good.

Line distribution in MONSTA X's LOVE | Twitter: @LoveeJooheonn

The difference between the percentage of lines is very little, Joohoney has the most, followed by Kihyun. 'LOVE' was an excellent song with a very cool and unique style that shows a lot of the variety that MONSTA X can show.


MONSTA X's Joohoney was the genius behind this perfect line distribution in LOVE

Since their comeback with 'One Of A Kind', Joohoney has been the producer, writer, and more of the idol group's comeback title tracks. He did so with 'Rush Hour' on 'No Limit' and now with 'LOVE' on 'Shape Of Love'. Lee Jooheon is an all-rounder and musical genius, the creator behind this MONSTA X masterpiece.


We hope that Honey will continue to lend his amazing talents for more MONSTA X songs, he is an amazing producer, we love everything about his great way of working.

Keep reading more about MONSTA X, here we have some song recommendations for those friends who are not MONBEBE yet.

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