MONSTA X will bring more surprises for fans MONSTA X will bring more surprises for fans

MONSTA X has new surprises for their fans, more music and concerts are coming

There is much more that MONSTA X has prepared for MONBEBE and soon we will be able to see more of the idols in a new song and a special festival

MONSTA X continues to surprise us and there is still much to see from this idol group that is ready to release more music in collaboration with Sam Feldt and also to return to the US with a special concert.

MONSTA X is an amazing K-Pop group that has been working hard since their debut in 2015, their songs and performances are unique and there is much we can admire about this idol group. This year, they are celebrating their seventh anniversary and are unstoppable in this 2022.

Thanks to the pandemic being over, MONSTA X was able to go on tour again and took over many US cities with 'No Limit Tour'. Thus, MONBEBE was able to reunite with his favorite K-Pop group and create the best memories together. They have also had their most recent comeback with 'Shape Of Love' which brought us great songs.

Although it was said some time ago that not all the members of MONSTA X had renewed their contract with Starship Entertainment, perhaps that uncertainty is over. Well, the idols keep working on new things together. For example, Joohoney and Hyungwon returned to their radio show 'Idol Radio' for its second season.

And besides, MONSTA X has two more surprises for their fans, soon we will have a new song in collaboration with DJ Sam Feldt and also the idol group will have a special performance at a Nickelodeon festival.

MONSTA X to release Late Night Feels a new song in collaboration with DJ Sam Feldt

Tomorrow! On July 21, 2022, MONSTA X will release a new digital single, it's 'Late Night Feels', a song in collaboration with DJ Sam Feldt who actually already released a preview for this song, Woah! It sounds quite good, we are ready to listen to this new track that will surely make us dance.

Nobody expected this collaboration, but it's been just great, we already want to hear this song by MONSTA X and Sam Feldt.

MONSTA X will also return to the US for Nickelodeon's Music Festival NickFest in October

 In addition to MONSTA X's new single, the K-Pop group had another surprise prepared, as it is part of the lineup for Nickelodeon's Music Festival NickFest, which will take place at the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles on October 22 and 23, 2022. The idol group headlines this festival alongside The Kid Laroi and we'll see more artists like 24KGoldn, Alec Benjamin and more.

MONSTA X will headline 2022 NickFest | Twitter: @OfficialMonstaX

Tickets for this festival will be on sale starting next July 26, so buy them to see MONSTA X again, this time at a festival, aaaah! How exciting!

Keep reading more about MONSTA X and its members, or about their latest single 'If With U', and the reaction of the idols. 

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