MONSTA X and its own dating rumors webpage will make you laugh MONSTA X and its own dating rumors webpage will make you laugh

MONSTA X had its own dating rumors webpage that you need to know

The members from MONSTA X have a good sense of humor and edition skills, so they made up their own page to spread their own dating rumors

MONSTA X's idols are not only professional, they have this amazing sense of humor too, and it will make MONBEBE laugh every time, how was it when they made up their own dating rumors?

A lof of fans around the world have decided to support and love MONSTA X, since it's one of the most talented idol groups from South Korea, this band debuted in 2015, and since then it has been working on its music and showing all of the talents from its members.

MONSTA X's songs are just amazing, its performences are incredible too, but there is more about these idols that makes people fall in love with them; they have this uniqueness, great personalities and good charismas that  conquered MONBEBE's hearts.

The idols from MONSTA X have a lot of funny moments, they like to joke around, make fans laught and have a great time even with other idols, as you might know, MX has a lor of friends in K-Pop industry like the members from SEVENTEEN, for example.

One of the most memorable and funny moments that MONSTA X had is when they made up their own dating rumors and shared them with MONBEBE, the fandom still laughs at these stories.

MONSTA X turned into its own dating rumors agency before its debut

Maybe you know something about this south korean information agency called 'Dispatch' that tends to disclose romances and relationships in K-Pop, well, MONSTA X turned into its own Dispatch back in 2015, even before debuting, the band decided to make up some rumors about its members just for fun.

They told the fans that Joohoney and I.M were dating, they filtered a conversation between Wonho and Hyungwon and there was even a love triangle amongst the members of the boy band, it was called Deokspatch X, LOL.

MONSTA X's Deokspatch X | Twitter: @OfficialMonstaX
MONSTA X made its own dating rumors | Twitter: @OfficialMonstaX
MONSTA X and its dating rumors | Twitter: @OfficialMonstaX

 How creative MONSTA X's idols were back then, they wanted to be funny even before debuting and with this post on Twitter, they got a lof of attention.

Does MONSTA X have some real dating rumors?

Several years after the original 'Deokspatch X' there were some real dating rumors mainly about Shownu from MONSTA X, they were kinda big back then since they were claiming that the leader of the group was in some kind of relationship with an older and married woman, OMG, but that's the only dating rumor that the idols from this group had.

Shownu had a real dating rumor once | Twitter @joohphobia

After this controversy, Starship Entertainment stated that Showno had contact with this woman without knowing that she was married, and when he found out, he stopped talking to her, that the idol would never want to have issues with married people. Now it's in the past and MONBEBE focus on enjoying MONSTA X's music and shows.

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