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MONSTA X expresses its sincere condolences after a staff member passes away

MONSTA X is in the middle of its tour in the United States. Unfourtanly, a member of the security crew passed away.

MONSTA X is finishing its tour in the United States. The group has been rocking the scenarios of various American cities since May. Now, the Idols concluded the "NO LIMIT US TOUR" with a wonderful show in Los Angeles.

During the successful tour, the singers were performing their greatest hits and the tracks included in their latest album "Shape Of Love". MONBEBE also got the opportunity to enjoy new performances such as Minhyuk singing "Ongshimi".

MONSTA X in Los Angeles / Twitter @OfficialMonstaX

Everything about the tour was perfect. Unexpectedly the happiness of the group goes down because of a sad success. The label of the group has announced that a security staff member has passed away.

Starship announces the death of a MONSTA X's security crew member

On June 13th MONSTA X's label, Starship Entertainment dropped a statement. The agency revealed the death of an employee that was working with the group during the USA tour. It added:

We cannot hide our sorrow about the sudden unfortunate loss of someone who has worked with all their heart and soul.

The agency explained that it will be helping with the funeral procedures. The statement finishes by expressing condolences and asking the public to not spread rumors in order to protect the bereaved family.

MONSTA X members / Twitter @OfficialMonstaX

Starship was very careful to not share any information about the deceased. Meanwhile, MONBEBE from all over the world are expressing their condolences for the loss as well. Rest in peace.

Read here more about Minhyuk's special performance with "Ongshimi".

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