MONSTA X brings Shownu to all of their shows MONSTA X brings Shownu to all of their shows

MONSTA X doesn't forget Shownu during their US Tour, he keeps appearing at their concerts

Shownu is in the military but that does not mean that MONSTA X forgets about him on their No Limit US Tour

This is the first time that MONSTA X is on tour without Shownu and although he is missed by idols and MONBEBE, he always shows up at concerts in one way or another.

MONSTA X is an amazing K-Pop group, they debuted with 7 members, but one of them had to leave the group a few years ago. So their lineup became just 6 idols who continued to work hard to present their best music to their fans and the public.

The leader of MONSTA X is Shownu, being one of the oldest members, he was chosen to lead his group and represent them in the best way. Although at the moment he is an inactive member as he is doing his mandatory military service. Despite this, MONBEBE and his members have not forgotten him or vice versa.

Shownu left a lot of recorded content for his fans, 'Shownuayo' is a vlog that is released on the MX channel from time to time and that the leader of the group left to make the wait more bearable while he is in his military service. In addition to the fact that he has supported his group in the comebacks in which he has not been able to be.

This is why MONSTA X and MONBEBE take him everywhere, Shownu has appeared at all the idol group's concerts on their No Limit US Tour, in one way or another he is present with their members and fans.

Shownu keeps appearing at MONSTA X concerts around the US, MONBEBE never forgets him

MONSTA X is on tour in the United States, this is the first time that the idol group has world concerts without Shownu. But this does not mean that the leader is not present at his shows. MONBEBE always takes him with them and the members have also made it a point to show that he has his place next to them.

Here we have Kihyun with a banner of Shownu that MONBEBE had:

Kihyun with Shownu's banner | Twitter: @bigmonstas

Hyungwon had this mini Shownu too!

Hyungwon with the mini Shownu | Twitter: @bigmonstas

 And when they take group photos, they have a special space for Shownu.

Shownu has his space in MONSTA X's group photos | Twitter: @bigmonstas

When does Shownu's military service end?

Shownu will be discharged from military service in April 2023, we have to wait more for the idol, but he's doing well, we know it! He's working as a teacher since he had some injuries and he couldn't be on the army or navy, he had to do as a social service.

Shownu will be discharged from military service on 2023 | Twitter: @MXWH_INTL

Meanwhile, you can watch 'Shownuayo' to miss him a little less, he'll come stronger and will give the best for MONBEBE.

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