MONSTA X's new record thanks to Shape Of Love MONSTA X's new record thanks to Shape Of Love

MONSTA X and Shape Of Love achieve a new record in the group's history

MONSTA X broke its personal record with Shape Of Love, the group is being very successful with this comeback

MONSTA X had its comeback with 'Shape Of Love' mini album and it was simply amazing, the group achieved a new record with this new album.

MONSTA X is an amazing K-Pop group, all of its members work hard in music and performances for fans and even if they have had some bittersweet moments in the past, they are still together and looking at a bright future which is waiting for them.

That's why MX idols have been working on different surprises for MONBEBE, this year will be full of more for fans, and the first comeback of 2022 is here! 'Shape of Love' is MONSTA X's latest album, it has 'LOVE' as title track, a song with great vibes which reminds us of early pop from 2000's which had a lot of Hip-Hop too.

MONSTA X has been successful with mostly all of their releases and on each comeback, the group is getting bigger, with 'No Limit', they achieved new records and 'Rush Hour' became really popular. We tought that nothing could beat that until now.

MONSTA X is having a great success with 'Shape Of Love' too! This comeback makes a new record in the group's history and here we tell you everything about it.

MONSTA X's Shape Of Love beats the group's personal record in the first day of sales

MONSTA X sold 171,874 copies  of 'Shape Of Love' on its release day, it means that the group broke its own record with this mini album since the last one had over 110k sales on the first day. This is how with this comeback, MX broke its own mark and 'Shape Of Love' is making history for the group.

MONSTA X and Shape Of Love are having a great success | Twitter: @OfficialMonstaX

Congratulations MONSTA X! We're sure the group will keep selling more albums 'cause 'LOVE' is such an amazing song and 'Shape Of Love' has more tracks for fans to enjoy like 'AND' or 'Burning Up'.

MONSTA X And Shape Of Love also succeed on worldwide music charts

MONSTA X is having good places in Korean music charts with 'Shape Of Love', in BUGS, MelOn, Genie and more, they're also owning their places on Spotify and iTunes charts too thanks to international MONBEBE's support all over the world.

Shape Of Love is owning music charts now | Twitter: @koreansales_twt

Shape Of Love is just too amazing! We are supporting MONSTA X too and we're sure that LOVE will have its first win soon!

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