ASTRO shared a great time befor MJ's enlistment ASTRO shared a great time befor MJ's enlistment

MJ had the full support of ASTRO for his army enlistment, how did they help him?

MJ is the first member of ASTRO who had to start his military service and his members accompanied him before enlisting

MJ had a special ceremony before enlisting in the army, all of his fellow ASTRO members joined him for his haircut and gathered to say goodbye, but only temporarily.

ASTRO is an excellent K-Pop group in which we find extremely talented boys dedicated to music and also to acting. They have given their best in each comeback and performance gradually earning the love of their fans. Now they have their beloved AROHA, a great fandom for the boy band.

Among the members of ASTRO we find MJ, he is the oldest idol within the group and that is why this year we had to see him leave. Kim Myungjun put a temporary hiatus on his music activities to enlist in the army to fulfill his mandatory military service.

This may have been a very sad moment for everyone, AROHA will miss this ASTRO member very much. For MJ it was not easy either because he will also be far from his members, his fans and his family. And obviously the other ASTRO idols also had a hard time parting ways with one of their fellow group members.

But obviously, the guys from ASTRO showed MJ all their love and support at the start of this stage, they all came together to say goodbye to Myungjun and even helped him cut his hair so he could now be in the army.

ASTRO helped MJ get a haircut for the army, this is how they said goodbye to him before enlisting

Through the official ASTRO channel, MJ shared a new vlog where he shows more of his process before enlisting in the military. All the other idols in the group helped him cut his hair, it was a ceremony that the group will surely continue to do in the future. They came together to say goodbye to Myungjun and be together once more before parting ways with him for a while.

We love this moment of ASTRO saying goodbye to MJ and helping to shave for the army. This boy group has formed a great family and we know that they will miss MJ very much at this stage.

When will ASTRO's MJ finish his military service? 

MJ enlisted in the army last May, and will be fulfilling his responsibilities in the military service until August 2023, a little over a year we will have to wait for the return of this ASTRO idol. But AROHA will give him all his support and will be waiting for him during this stage.

MJ will finish his military service in August 2023 | Twitter: @KoreanUpdates

We know that MJ will finish this stage successfully and will return to find AROHA who will be patiently waiting for him.

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